I love many things.  Things, people, places, ideas, activities... everything.  Commonly they are contradictory.  For example: I love big city living just as much as I love to be totally secluded in the mountains.  I love large bodies of water, but hate beaches.  I love false-color infrared photography, but hate digital manipulations to standard photographs (such as selective desaturation).  I love being around people as much as I hate being bothered by them.  I love redheads, ravens and brunettes.  I do not, however, love blondes.  heh.

However, there are exceptions to nearly every rule I have.  Could this mean that I have no rules at all? Does it mean I'm lenient; that I'm open to alternative interpretations of my rules? Or, simply, that I haven't yet finalized the definitions of them?

Interesting thoughts.
LustTheBeast LustTheBeast
26-30, M
Apr 4, 2007