Wife Toless On The Beach

First of all my wife is complete flat chested (not an ounce of breast fat on her breast) just small areolas with pencil size eraser nipples. I have always wanted to see the reaction from other men looking at them. I have talked to her about it several times hoping she would show them off just once for me. Well last summer it finally happened we were heading to the beach for the first time so she did not have any tan line to show that she was a female. I suggested that she dress up like a boy with shorts, shirt, sun glasses and baseball cap. She said ok and off to the beach we went. Since it was early in the year it was not crowded with a lot of people. We started walking the beach for a while when I ask her to unbutton the front of her shirt for me which she did. As we walked the wind would blow her shirt aside showing off her chest every once in a while so I ask her to take her shirt completely off and give it to me. She was a bit nervous but slipped it off completely I got an instant hard on my wife topless for the first time in public. I now had the experience of seeing my wife for the first time taking her top off and exposing what little breast she had to everyone’s eyes. Her light pink areolas showed off her now erect pencil size eraser nipples just fine. As we walked the beach I ask her how she felt and if she wanted to put her shirt back on. She told me she was fine and asked me what I thought. I told her it was a dream come true her walking around knowing other men were unaware they were looking at my wife topless. Since I did not want her to get a sun burn I suggested that I put some sun tan lotion on her so she would not burn and she agreed. We sat down on the beach and I started putting lotion on her back first as people just walked by. Then she leaned back so I could put it on the chest and nipples I took my time at this every so often tweaking her little hard nipples. I know she got a lot of looks that day and even stayed topless for the drive home. All I can say is if you can get you wife to showoff it is something you will never forget.
a73t6vle a73t6vle 46-50 Apr 16, 2012

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