Being Topped While Serving As Houseboy

When I was in college a guy paid me to come clean his house twice a week. One night I gave him a bj. That was my first time with another man. Since then I have played houseboy and maid for other men for several years now. (If you are interested in hearing about that first experience, I wrote about it on another forum at

A couple of guys really did just want me to clean for them (which was ok with me) but most of time they expect sex too. A lot of times they watch me clean for awhile, and then when they get horny enough they make me give them oral sex or submit to having sex with them. When they're done, some of them just send me home, but most of them have me finish cleaning for them.

It seems like there are a lot of guys who like to serve as houseboys and maids too so I started a message board where people who want to have their houses or apartments cleaned can find a sexy, submissive houseboy or maid in their area. It's not for professional cleaning services - it's purely for people who want to do it for fun so they can meet and hook up.

If you think you might want to try having a sexy houseboy or maid come clean your house (or just have one come over to play with), or if you think you might like to serve as a houseboy or maid, come check it out and see if there is anyone near where you live. The forum is at
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Working in my office late one night I found my self browsing through some gay sites with pictures of nice looking men, doing this did not notice the cleaning guy (big and good looking black) had enter and was standing next to me, when I noticed him I turn my head and almost touch his **** with my mouth, I got very nervous but he put his hand on my shoulder and say some thing as do not worry I love to see naked men too after this time I try to be late on my office until he shows up, to make long story short I end up being his slave, clean his room and sleep on the floor by his bed side some times with a collar and serve him sexually at his command, in the office our relation was the normal one and hardly ever talk to each other but outside he was my master, I really love to please him any way he order me on the weekends he use to go out with his friends for drinks and I have to wait until he getsbhome some time with friends and serve drinks and food for them also more than once serve all his friends orally one by one while the rest watch even I was very happy with this it all end when I my position at work was transfer to other state and He did not want to move.

Awesome story! Wish I had something like that happen to me.<br />
I went to your forum, couldn't find any posts, is it dead?