Top Is Best

Although i do bottom my prefered role is top. There is something real manly flipping a guy on his back with his feet on your shoulders as you pound away at his *** and shoot your load up there. I like to take control and play rouh but only if the guys up for it
thegaychef thegaychef
56-60, M
6 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I like how a guy would put is coc.k in me and pound me hard and *** inside me hehe

I like that... It feels good when a guy pounds hard on my *** with his tool is in me

My kind of guy

Never had sex with another guy but would love to and your stories are so hot. I can't wait to have my tight virgin *** seeded ;-)

You can too me any day

would love to ..always up for a ****!

Your **** piercing is sexy

love to seed ur *** with my 9 incher rough n hard with my balls slapping against ur *** n you grunting away

I would love to get your **** and seed in me feeling your balls slapping my ***

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I am ready *** on

**** waiting for ur ***

my *** waiting for your hot **** and *** I would just love for you to **** me. I loved your expanation above.