Wow He Was Hot

I had been chatting online with this guy who is 25 years my junior for several months.  I was really surprised when he started chatting with me, since I'm in my 50s and he's in his late 20s.  Although I've lost over 65 pounds in the past 18 months, I'm still a bear.  This guy sent me his pic, and he's a smooth-bodied, musclge guy... swimmer's build.  I was shocked that a hot guy like this would be interested in befriending an older guy like me.

We were friendly and the chatting was fairly superficial all of that time.  He had let me know that he was interested in meeting me, but that he had a roommate, and that he never wanted his roommate to know about this sort of thing.  So I knew that meeting him was totally out of the picture, since I'm married, closeted, and have no way to host any sort of meeting beyond a public meal or somehting like that.

So we became somewhat superficial friends.  He was a nice guy, and seemed rather enthusiastic and energetic.  He gave me his phone number and we chatted on the phone a couple of times.  I like the sound of his voice, and my assessment of his personality online seemed to be consistent with the sound of his voice.

So one day early in the morning, like 7:00, he hit me up and said that his roommate was going to be out all day, and that he wanted me to come meet him.  I asked where he wanted to meet, and he said to just come to his apartment.  After inquiring what he had in mind, he said, "After all of this time, I'm hoping you'll be willing to top me today."  I was shocked, but turned on as well.

I went right over to his place, half expecting him to turn me away, since we had not met face-to-face before.  He met me in the lobby of his building, and immediately told me that I'm just the sort of daddy bear he likes.  Well I certainly wasn't complaining with what I was seeing, since although he was short, he looked like a model otherwise!

As we climbed the steps to his apartment, he said, I'm so sorry, but my roommate stayed home.  I asked if I needed to leave, and he said that he was too interested in us getting together.  He said that we would just have to be VERY quiet.  When we got to the apartment door, he asked me to take off my shoes since the apartment has hardwood floors. 

We entered the apartment in stocking feet, and deposited my coat in the living room out of sight.  He then led me down the hall toward his bedroom, which was just past his roommate's open bedroom door.  He told me to be very quiet.  He led me by the hand, but before we got to the bedroom door, we turned into the bathroom.  I was surprised.  He said we'd have to make do with the bathroom, and said we wouldn't be able to do what he had planned.  With that, he unbottoned my shirt and slipped his hands underneath, telling me how hot he finds daddy bears like me.  He quickly moved to unfasten my belt and unsipped my pants and let them drop to the floor.  He was seated on the counter of the sink, and had spread his legs and was drawing me in to kiss.  I stepped out of my pants and underwear that he had also pushed down.  So we started kissing with me standing naked from the waist down, while still wearing my starched white dress shirt and tie. 

I put my hands inside his t-shirt and was rewarded with the silky smooth touch of his skin that covered a rock hard body... rippled abs, defined pecs, ribs showing, muscled back... a veritable Adonis sitting right there in front of me.  I untied his sweatpants and slid them off of him.  He was wearing no underwear, and his rigid 7.5 uncut **** sprang out as soon as freed from the sweats.  His **** was thinner than average, and had a small prince albert piercing.  I lifted his shirt to gain easier access to his nips, which i found and started to lick and suck.  He sagged into me groaning, and pulled his shirt up and over his head while leaving his arms in the sleeves. 

Suddenly he jumped down and moved past me.  He bent over at the waist and laid his forearm on the window sill, resting his forehead on it and thrust he smooth bubble-butt toward me whispering, "Your **** head is the perfect shape for teasing my hole... PLEASE tease it!"  I barely had time to respond, because he reached between his legs and guided my **** to his hole and then squeezed his cheeks together enclosing my ****.  It felt SO good.  He said, "Just tease my hole, okay?" 

Well I was in heaven, looking down at this perfectly formed, tight, smooth ***, and back while he was gently rocking and thrusting himself against my ****.  Soon I grabbed his hips and we struck up a rhythm.  It felt great.  He said, "I wish we could go to my room and ****."  I agreed, but really didn't want to stop what we were doing anyway.  It was just so difficult to stay quiet and whisper.

Suddenly he thrust against me with more urgency, and I started pumping in like manner.  All of a sudden, the sensation, although already very pleasant, became FANTASTIC.  I said so, at the same time he started to emit a low and very sexy groan.  He said, "That's because, dude, you've slid entirely inside me."   With that he thrust hard against me with a vengeance. 

Suddenly I realized over the intense pleasure of it, that I was not wearing a condom.  I pulled out quickly and said, "We can't do this... not bareback."  He said, sounding disappointed, "Yeah, you're right."  Fumbling in my pants now lying on the floor, I found my condoms and put one on, but as I had been down there on the floor, his hot tight *** was right in front of my face.   So I took this *** in my hands and started licking his balls and ******* him.  I thought he was going to squeel with delight. 

Finally he said I needed to get back inside of hime.  I stood and he reached for my **** between his legs again and guided it to his hole, and WOW... in it went all the way.  In seconds we were in a rhythm, and he was groaning and telling me how fantastic it felt.  He wasn't kidding.  I'd never experienced anything so hot in my life, and the view of his young tight and hot body thrusting itself onto my **** was more than I could take for much longer.  He asked me not to *** inside, so I pulled out.

He turned and the two of us stroked ourselves, shooting our loads all over the other. 

WOW... I'm converted.  Give me a hot bottom!  I want to top again.  And again.  And again!  That was was my first, and I'm looking for my second and more!

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you can top me please

I dont want to sound like a downer, but why do so many stories happen in terrible places. A bathroom? I did a chick in a bathroom because there was no other place when I was a college freshman.<br />
<br />
I am so glad that you had fun. I guess i still dont understand male sexuality. I am not judging. It is a bit different for me I guess.<br />
<br />
good story, I hope you have topped again!

that story rocks. thanks for posting it. I can't wait to top and be bottom. I want the entire experience. sounds like you guys really had a good m2m time.

What about me? I definitely fall in the daddy bear category, although I would love to lose enough weight to shed the bear part, but the reality is that I'm still a bear.

Well come on to DC and experience this one!

yea older guys have more experience I love them

Wow! Sounds very hot indeed. Keep the defibrilator handy! If I had access to that on a regular basis, I'm sure I'd be in MUCH better shape than I am!

Thanks for sharing very hot story you made me real hot, my **** is so hard wow thanks bro

Rooster, I have no clue. We still chat. It was more of a quickie than I like. So I don't know. Glad you liked the story.

Either I have to get "down under," or you need to take a vacation to the Washington DC area... and perhaps I can show you some "yank" hospitality!

i would love to be ur second ... u just gotta travel "a bit" lol ... but boy tht story was awesome! <br />
<br />
would love a hot daddy bear like u to pound my *** till u shoot ur load...