Season 1

I just watched the season 1 finale on DVD from NetFlix from last night and boy am I hooked for next season!
I had read lots of negative reviews but once I got the show, despite a few uneasy patches I loved it.  But the last two episodes cemented it.

I can remember previews on Sci-Fi channel years ago, before I was into the genre and I remember thinking "That looks neat", but not thinking too much about it.  Then I read about Captain Jack going around kissing the boys and thought, "Ok, that's REALLY uhm, interesting. oO"  At the time I was just a budding young yaoi fangirl so it brought my interest up a bit.
By the time I found Doctor Who last year I'd forgotten completely about Torchwood, but a few episodes ago I suddenly remember where I'd heard of it before.

I'm so glad I found Doctor Who now.  I love both shows  :]

axelval axelval
18-21, T
Feb 21, 2009