I Might Be a Pretty Big Fan of Dear Tori

I am a 36 year old mama of two little girls ages 8 and 6 years old.  They are named Michela for the 8 year old and Marcella for the 6 year old.  I have been a very interested fan of Tori since my early 20s.  I was introduced to her music with "Cornflake Girl", and I had fallen in love with the song and the voice of Tori.  I played the song over and over again for my friends as I was that addicted.  I needed to hear more of this amazing artist.  I went out and purchased as much of Tori as I could.  I am a devout Robert Plant lover; just as Tori is!  I have also experencied the negative impact of a beast man as a young child who had been sexually abused.  Yes, I did press charges as an adult and yes I did win that case!  I feel that Tori with her song writing and my own life have some commonalities.  Tori's oldest daughter and my oldest daughter are very close in age. 

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  I am a wonderfully married woman of 11 years already.  I have a Bachelor in Social Work; although, I am not able to work anymore. I was staying home to take great care of my girls and when my youngest daughter turned 14 months old I was suddenly diagnosed with a Anaplastic Astrocytoma which is a big fat old brain tumour that is mostly aggressive.  My family was devasted but also very optimistic about my ability to fight.  I had immediate surgery to take out a cyst and 40% of the tumour.  I had to have another surgery two years later to remove yet another cyst and more tumour.  Then the tumour became very agitated and grew like a wild beast all over.  I had to change the chemo drug that I was on and the doctors felt that it really might be the end of my life story.    Here I am five years after diagnosis.  I am going to too many funerals for other patients, but I am optimistic that I will continue for the next long while.  Thank you Jesus for that!  I have seen Tori in concert two amazing times.  The first time was in Seattle and it was only three weeks after my first brain surgery.  I didn't care about having 45 staples on my scalp as I was going to see Tori Amos!  I had also the privilege of seeing Tori again in Toronto.  She is a joy to me as I have come to really appreciate music of all kinds with my tumour.  My favourite songs of hers are Raspberry Swirl, Sugar, Hey Jupiter, and most of her other songs which are too many to list here.  I love her personality on the stage and I am grateful for her!

I love you Tori!


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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

I was reading your story and was left teary-eyed. I have a very very dear friend who was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma last year. She's been fighting it for over a year now. Some people in her life is already losing hope as she is going through a really really rough time these past few months, while I know in my heart that she'll never give up in this battle that easy. <br />
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Unfortunately, I cannot visit her in the States due to some personal issues. I haven't heard anything from her family in a long time, so I don't know what really is going on after her surgery 2 months ago.<br />
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I can't be there for her physically but before her surgery and months before that, I always tell her she's going to pull through this and that she is always in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.. She's tough.