Intro to Tori...

Hello fellow lovers of TORI!!

I grew up in a childrens home/orphanage in a small town called Glendale,right outside of Elizabethtown KY. While living there,i came to know a once very dear friend,named Bethany Huff. It was she who first intraduced me to Tori amos's music, when we were in middle school. She was on the winter Guard(basketbal season) and they were doing a performance that year to tori's song (winter)one of my most fav's over the years and i asked her if i could listen to her tape..(i know this is a very dated i did and the love i have for Tori was instant..her music has healed my wounds and got me through many hard times in my life thus very thankful to Bethany whever she is now. Tori has been and still is a very big part of my life, her music speaks to me on an unatainable level.

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I'm a bigg tori fan too!I love her!!