Its Been A Long Time - Tori Memories

I have to admit, it has been a very long time since I sat down and listened to Tori Amos - in fact, I don't even own an album after Boys for Pele (I know, I am sure a sin in the eyes of many of you) ...

Tori and I grew apart - I still love "Little Earthquakes" as it rose at a time that seemed to catch in my Psyche.  I saw her quite a few times in both small and large venues - the best show was at a great little concert hall at the University of Toronto ("Convocation Hall") - the sound was great, the show was great and it was just her and solo grand piano.  

But I think the one memory that stands out is when I saw her at a small little radio interview studio - maybe there were 40 of us - I had a buddy that made us get up super early to be first in line (I think we got there around 6 am for a 10am interview) - and we sat across from her and the interviewer (maybe 6-8 feet away).  I had a super view. 

In fact, we were close enough to hear her talking and whispering to the CFNY DJ (no idea who it was) and just before the interview, he politely  asked her if there was anything she didn't want to talk about - and I'll never forget her answer.  "Nope, you can ask me anything" - and I was blown away by her amazing courage.  I mean really, Little Earthquakes was not an easy album that dealt with many difficult subjects.  She didn't bat an eye.

So, Tori - here's to you to have the courage to break musical taboos and truly play from your heart.


And really - if you have not seen her play live - you have missed one of the most talented pop piano (any piano player for that matter) players you will ever see.


Glad to see so many other fans out there.

DeepForest DeepForest
Mar 15, 2010