I Love To Torture Inferiors

The pleasure is all yours on My introduction. I am the Superior Shemale Dominatrix, Madame Eva Evil. I am a sadistic, evil, inhumane,arrogant,self centered, aloof,haughty,seductive,sexy,cruel,violent,narcissistic,wicked,perverse,demented,un-repentant fetishist of the Highest Most Superior Order. I feel it is My right of entitlement from My being superior to bring all inferiors to their knees.My prowess at sadistic torture of the inferior along with cruel sadistic beatings without mercy or reguard for My victim are that of legend. I use nary a safe anything for I am not concerned with any limits or pain thresholds you may have. You will suffer until I satisfy My sadistic perverse lust. Pleasing My superior sadistic fetishist desires to completion is when I may begin to feel you have earned my mercy although be it temporary. Be sure if I rip your flesh ( a given ) I will pour alcohol or salt on your wounds. Iodine is also used. I also enjoy using electro shocks. I may use a stun gun,taser,cattle prod,electro shock collar, violet wand,or tens units. I use cigarettes for seduction then sadism. I love cigarettes in My holders burning inferiors flesh. I love hearing my inferiors scream in agony. See them shriveled & squirming trying to avoid whatever cruelty I am bestowing on their ravaged bodies. You will beg for mercy I guarantee it but it comes not. I truely am heartless & cruel. I am so Superior that extreme suffering is required to all inferior submissives victimized & enslaved for My Supremacy. To view My beauty in all black kidskin leather is any submissives fetishist fantasy & reason alone for their suffering. To be allowed to suffer for My sadistic evil self gratuitous pleasure is a slaves unimaginable fantasy & prayed for desire. Inferiors it is time. The time is for enslavement that I now bestow upon you.Bow down to Me The Superior Dominatrix. The Great Shemale Dominatrix Sadist!!! Madame Eva Evil
evaevil evaevil
1 Response May 27, 2012

Dear Mistress ! I love your sadistic story ! I'd love to be tightly restrained and used as you see fit for all your sadiostic desires ! I live in the columbus ,ohio are and would be glad to travel to where ever your location is and also I will send you picture of myself to see if you'd be interested in using me ! You may e-mail me at ><br />
( rubberpantiesboy@yahoo.com ) Thanks ..... boy scotty