Suzan Camping – Part 9

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 8 first

I make it to the laundry area and get everything done in time to join the girls to go to the beach at 11 am

Looks like they are ready to go, I quickly change into my light blue bikini. I bought it last year but it’s the first time I’m wearing it. It does look good. This should attract some boys.

We all head to the beach pass our neighbours who back onto the beach.

“You girls going to the beach?”. Yup, Jessy replys. You guys? “Shortly.”

That’s the couple that started the night out, with her moaning. I would love to have a bf like that. He is a real man. Muscles all over, chiseled. WOW a Speedo! OMG look at his package. You can see everything. Yummy. I hope they make it to the beach.

All of us line up our towels in the middle of the left side of the beach for a change of scenery.

The sun is out and already getting nice and warm. There’s not too many people on the beach yet. Just a couple of families and a few kids.

I lay down. The sun is nice. . I drift off to sleep. sleep. sleep sleep z z zz zzzz zzzzz

Oh Tommy. Oh Tommy Tommy has a nice package. He would always kiss me and suck on my **** and lick my *****. I loved to work my way down him and undo his belt, and button, and pull down his zipper. And then reach in and pull his semi ridge penis out. I would kiss its head, and lick it and struck it and then put it in my month.

I loved making it hard. I loved when it grow in my mouth. My head bobbing up and down its length.

When he was getting close he would pull me up and let me ride him. I would climb on him and I was so wet that it would fully go in in 2 strokes. He would thrust into me until I was almost bucked right off.

The he would spin me around and doggie pound me. By this point I was moaning uncontrollable. He pound me. I can feel myself cummmmmmmminnnnggggg.

He would spin me around and usually stick his big **** in my mouth. My hands where trapped under his body but my hand was on my wet *****. oooooo that feels good.

Then he would explode in my mouth. I would try to swallow most of it, but some would always dribble down my cheeks.

My ***** is so wet

My ***** is so wet

My ***** is so wet

Suzan SUZAN!

What! Wake up it’s time to go to lunch! Its 12:30. OK. I’ll be there soon.

I must of dosed off. My eyes re-adjusted to the light. I looked down and pull away my hand my bikini bottoms are all wet. What! That was an intense dream! The blue fabric was like a second skin around my ***** and pubic mound. The bikini bottoms were a little tighter than I would of liked because it gave me a wedgie.

OMG those boys are staring right at me. I pulled the towel around me. Now there talking to each other. I think they where looking right at my ***** wedgie. OMG I think they saw my wet spot.

Are you coming? Jessy yells!

Ya and I run off the beach to catch up

End of Part 9
Part 10 starts in 2 hours
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

smoking hot!

Your stories have me hooked. I can't stop reading. I love your illustrations too.

They are hot.

I agree completely, you need to write some new ones these are some of the best stories on EP

MMM, you've got me wet too!

Just remembering the details gets me going again. Nice memories