Suzan Camping - Part 10

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 9 first

We cracked open a white wine and had a nice lunch back at the campsite. The girls where talking about all the boys gathering around them at the beach in the morning. I guess I missed most of that being asleep.

It was interesting listening to all the girls after a few glasses of Yellow Tale starting to loosen up and the discussions focused on boys and what they where looking for.

Sara and I talked about true love and prince charming and girly dreams. Sara and I have been best friends all through high school and we shared a lot of highs and lows together. She’s super.

Cathy and Barb, I call them the twins. There not really twins. They just look alike and spend a lot of time together and dress similar. They did not talk much about boys, They just listen a lot. I don’t think either of them dated a lot. But I could see they where very interested in the game plan that Jenny and Jessy where cooking up.

Jenny was planning to give every man on the beach a hard on. She modeled this brazil bikini that barely covered her ***** and about a half of her boobs. You can see her breast on the side and bottom and her cleavage in all one shot. We have no hope, to get any boys attention once they see her.

Jessy was already making jokes about Jenny’s boobs being guy magnets and all we have to do is point them at guys we wanted.

So we headed off to the beach , pass our neighbours again. They were packing stuff. Yummmy look at his ***.

So Jessy takes charge and decides to line up on beach left. I think she spoted something she liked in that direction.

So all seven of us line up our towels and got comfortable. Barb, Cathy, Sara, me, Claire, Jessy and Jenny

The mid day sun is really heating up the sand. It’s time to cool off and we all head to the water. It started off pretty slow but once Jessy started to kick water at us it was all water fight. So we played around for 15 minutes and then decided to head back for some more tanning.

There were a lot more people out now.


Over here! Bobby over here!

OMG that’s the couple that I walked in on last night having anal sex. There setting up just 30 meters down the beach.

They both look in their late 30’s, maybe early 40’s. He has a little beer belly and she is very curvy. As she leans over to spread her towel, I just flash back to the moment when Bobby put it in her and she yelled out. Slow slow OMG he was ******* her ***. In out in out in.

Sue Sue SUE!

YA what is it.

Sara is trying to get my attention.


Look at those guys over there!

Ya I see them.

Sara is focused as she fixes her hair. You see that guy in the black trunks.


He’s hot! I love when he dives for the ball.

Ok she was right, he was hot. Him and his four friends where playing a game of touch foot ball in the water.

As Sara rearrange herself the others started to notice the boys too. Jenny was already pointing her guy magnets in the general direction.

Barb and Cathy where giggling about something.

Claire was talking to Jessy.

Jessy gets up and announces she’s going over to make contact.

We are all stunned. Well except Jenny who gets up and says lets go.

So Jenny and Jessy walk right over and make contact. The boys all gather around. The rest of us are aw struck as we watch the process. A few boys look over our way and focus back on Jenny’s **** . So you can see Jenny is doing most of the talking.

There coming back this way with 5 boys in tow.


Girls this is, Charles (but his friends call him Chuck, he’s going into engineering), Donald (Don, is into music ), Fred (he’s going into biology), Jimmy and Barry(are both studying art) they all went to Littletown high school together and in a month there all off to university. So this maybe the last time there all together.

As she introduces each boy she places her hand on their shoulders and slowly rub them. The guys love this. Jessy is really good with people, so confident.

Guys this is; Barb, Cathy, Sara, Suzan (but she goes by Sue), and Claire.

How does she do that? How does she meet 5 new guys and in a few minutes have all their names and career goals memorized?

Sara is smiling from ear to ear and can’t take her eyes off Chuck.

jimmy and Barry are hovering around Jenny.

The guys sit in front of us and random conversations break out.

End of Part 10
Part 11 starts in 10 minutes
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I believe group sex is about to happen!

You'll have to keep reading to find out