Suzan Camping - Part 11

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 10 first

As the conversations get going Donald exits the group and returns with his water bottle. He passes it to Jenny. “Try some”

Jenny takes a zip. Whoo!.

What is it? Sara ask.

Vodca and Ice tea. Let me try. Nice!!!

So we all got a taste or 2.

It’s getting hot. Do you girls want to cool off?

Don bring the ball.

We all headed down to the water.

The guys where guys and started splashing us. Well I think Jessy started it.

Anyways it was fun.

I had a bit of a buzz. I love ice tea!

Jimmy and Barry seem to be the jocks of the group. They where both fine specimens of men and they seemed to do the most horsed around with diving for the football in to the waves.

Sara was talking to Chuck, and they seemed to be deep into a meaningful discussion about saving the planet or something.

So Fred throws the ball my way and I manage not to embarrass myself and catch it and throw it to Claire.

She throws it to Barb and Cathy. And between the two of them they catch it. Cathy throws it to Jessy but it gets intercept by Don. Jessy, being the girl she is, tackles Don and they both end up in the next wave. They emerge from the wave laughing.

Don announces, Do you girls want to have a game of tag with the football.

Yaaaa, Jessy yells out.

Ok it’s you seven girls against the guys.

So we all spread out. Sara get to start.


The ball goes back Jessy and Don is all over her. But I think she likes it. She passes just before the two of them are under water AGAIN!

Jenny has it and Jimmy and Bobby have her surrounded . Tag, she takes one on the ***. While Jimmy strips her of the ball. She reaches out and ends up on top of Barry in the next wave. I think she is liking this game.

For the half and hour we had a great time frolicking in the water with the boys. We were all having a great time.

Jessy suggested we take a break and head back our spot. The boys gather up all there stuff and we all sat together.

Don returned with some more ice tea. Muuu that’s so good.

Some of us where talking while Jenny was laying on her tummy taking in some rays. You could see the guys stealing some quick peeks at her ***. She did have the perfect ***.

Sara and I went back to camp to get some of our supplies. Sara was smiling from ear to ear.

What is it?

You’re happy!

Isn’t Charles great! Sara states

Ya, I guess so.

He’s smart, and has a great personality, and you know he’s going into environmental engineering. I and his body is soooo niceee!

Did you see me tackle him? I think he likes me too!

Ya I think your right. He has not left your site for the last hour.

We picked up some chips and camouflaged drinks and headed back to the beach.

As we entered the beach we could see Jenny in the distance and the rest of the group. Then she decided to roll over looking away from the group. All the guys on the beach heads popped to attention as they got a good look at her 38D’s barely contained by her suit. They where like 2 soft balls. There was a hint of her nipples too. Followed by her pubic mound and plump ***** lips clearly showing through . As we approached the guys tried hard to look somewhere else.

We’re back with some munchies and “water”.

You’re not allowed to have alcohol outside your campsite so we have to be descrete.

We passed the water bottles around and that Yellow Tale was so nice.

We all had a little buzz on and most of us where laying on our towels.

Donald was chatting up Jessy. They where joking around and Jessy poking at him. I think she really like him.

Fred laid down in front of me. He must be a runner. He was the only one in the group wearing a Speedo. His legs where very muscular.

You can see when he flex’s, he has no fat on his legs. OMG I think I see his ****. O ya that’s his **** alright. He’s got a foreskin! Just lean over a bit. Hello big boy!. Yummmmy.

Sue. SUE!

Ya what! I think Sara caught me looking

Pass the WATER.

Here you go!

Now let’s get back to Fred. Dam he moved. Maybe if I reposition myself. There you go!. Nice! I would like to unwrap that **** and suck on it. Yummmy!

Sue. SUE!

Huh! What?

Pass the chips.

Here you go!

Now were was I. Fred gets up and heads for the water. Dam, I was enjoying that. Yummy!

End of Part 11
Part 12 starts in 2 hours
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