Suzan Camping - Part 12

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 11 first .

My stomach is growling so I get up and announce I’m heading back to camp to start supper.

Look’s like everyone’s getting up now.   I guess all this activity has everyone thinking about supper.

Jessy and Jenny and the rest of the guys are still on the beach as me and most of the girls head to our site.

Now that we are alone, all the girls are comparing notes about the guys.

We open some wine and the girls are really into it.

A short while later Jessy and Jenny stole in with smiles on their faces.

So what are you so happy about?

We’ve organized a little party for later on.     The boys are coming over at 9.

I think we’re going have to pick up some more refreshments and snacks.

“They said they would supply the drinks if we supply the snacks”.

The girls were all really excited about the idea and the camp was a buss with activities and giggles.

Sara and I talked.    We’ll she talked, I should say.   Charles this and Charles that.   I think she really likes Charles.  

We finished supper and all the girls headed out to clean up, take showers, go to the store, and running around like this was their first date.

I lied down in my tent to catch up on some sleep.

The beach was sure fun.   I loved the touch football.

Sitting around talking.   Ahhh

Fred sitting acoss from me.

Ahh.  He has a nice ****.    Ahhh

I wonder how big it is when it is hard?   Ahh 

Maybe I’ll see it again tonight.   Ahh as my hand finds my nipple.     Ahh

I wonder if I’ll see it hard ?   I hope he wears those running shorts tonight.   Ahh as my hand pulls on my nipple.   Ahh

I would really like if I could knee in front of him and pull it out and suck on it.   Ahhhhhh.

And he pulls on my nipples like this.   Ahhhhhhh.

As I suck on it it’s getting really hard and big and I can taste his pre-***.    Ahhhh.

He puts his hand on my head and is starting to face **** me.  Yummy.

He’s pulling and twisting my nipples, like this .  AHHHHH.

I think he is close.   AHHhhhhhh.

I play with his balls like this.   Ahhhhh

He’s close.

He pulls on my nipples.   Ahhhhh




I need some help moving the picnic tables.


OK I’LL BE RIGHT OUT!.  I guess Fred and Sue will have to wait for later.

End of Part 12
Part 13 starts in 30 minutes
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When can we go camping together? We could have 'intensts' moments if you add me, lol :-)

Can't wait for the rest!