Suzan Camping - Part 14

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 13 first.

Claire and I make it back to camp and the fire is a little smaller now.

I see Sara sitting between Charles legs on the ground leaning up to a tree. Charles is kissing her on the neck.

Jessy and Don are playing cards on the table.

Jimmy is playing with the fire and Barry is talking up Jenny

“So where is everybody?” I ask

“Barb and Cathy called it an evening shortly after you guys went to the comfort station”, Jessy answered

“Where’s Fred?”

“Oh Fred was sick, so I would not go over there”, as Jessy points to the campsite across the road.

“I think he said he was going back to his tent to die or something” , Jessy offered.

Dam, I was really looking forward to getting to know him tonight.

It looks like everyone is getting closer to the ground as I pull up a towel to sit on.

“Safer that way” Jenny states “Not as far to fall” “hehe” she laughts

“So who wants to play a game?” Bobby asks

“What kind of game?” Claire wakes up

“True or Dare” Jimmy offers

“How do you play?”

Well everyone draws a card and high card gets to ask a question from the lowest card person. But if you refuse to answer the question you can take the dare. And every round you have to take a drink.

First round, I drew a 9 of spades

Jessy drew a 2 of hearts and Jimmy a king

“So Jessy have you ever given a guy a blow job?

“Whats the dare?”

“You have to flash me.”


“Yes what?” , Jimmy ask

“Yes I have given a guy a "blow job” Jessy responds

“Whooooo” Barry lets go.

Drink up.

The next round Barry is high card and Charlie is low card.

“Ok Chuck , Do you want to suck on Sara’s **** tonight or moon us all?

Sara turn around as Charles slowly got up and moved over and mooned everyone.

Jessy and Jenny yelled out “Oh Ya cowboy” or something like that.

I think Sara must have gotten a good view from her side of the fire at his front side.

Charles assumed his same sitting behind Sara. He is a real class act. He would embrass himself that bad mouth Sara with that crude thoughts. He's a keeper alright.

Drink up, Bobby annouces.

I was doing ok so far.

Jenny gave her measurements out 38C-22-34 and that she lost her cherry to a boy when she was 13 and he was 16.

Jimmy told everyone that he had a 8.5” long ****.

Claire admitted she was still a virgin.

Sara admitted that she had sex with 2 bf’s so far. Both where in a car.

Jessy had to kiss Barry on the lips or answer some question about her younger sister or something.

DAM, a 2 of hearts.

Claire draws a queen of spades.

“Ok Sue when was the last time you *********** and about what?” Claire ask

“What’s the dare?”, I respond

“Show us your **** for 10 seconds”

Dam, I’m not admitting I *********** thinking about Fred, just before the party.

So I stood up slowly. Oh I have a real buzz on.

I reach down and unbuttoned my shirt.

“1 2 3 “ Claire counts

Everyone is staring at my ****.

4 5 6

The cool air are making my nipples hard.

7 8

“Those are nice perk ones!” Bobby announces

The guys are moving around and rearranging their seating

10, Claire finishes counting

"Drink up".

I fix my tube top and I can feel my nipples poking straight out.
The group is still staring as I take my spot on the ground.

Claire gives me a smile.

I’m going to get Claire for that one.

End of Part 14
Part 15 starts in 5 minutes
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I'm loving this series. I especially like this story because of the sexy pictures of you and your nice breasts - yummy. I'm glad you chose the dare ;)

too bad it wasn't ***** poker!

If it was me I would have my juices running down my legs by that time!