Suzan Camping Part 15

Suzan Camping Part 15
Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 14 first.

The true or dare game continues a few more rounds.

Barry and Jimmy both get to kiss Jenny.

Jenny admits to being with 15+ guys so far.

Sara lost her cherry last year at the prom.

Jimmy is high card and Jenny is low one

Alright Jenny “did you ever have sex with a relative?

“What’s the dare, Jimmy?

Show everybody your **** for 10 seconds.

Jenny moves around , you can see she’s thinking about the options but eventually slowly stands up

“Slowly” Bobby yells out

Jenny lifts her tube top, slowly

“Whoooo” Barry responds as her boobs bounce a little.

Even with no bra on they are soo bigggg and perfect. Their like two softballs. The nipples are hard as erasers on the end of a new pencil. The guys months are hanging open in awe of her rack.

Even the girls are in awe.

Claire starts the count down late. 1 2 3

But no one is listening.

You can tell Jenny was working the boys as she gentle turned to the right and then the left to give everyone a good look.

I’ve seen all the girls naked in gym class, but I think Jennys breast are even bigger now.

“Drink up” Bobby reminds us.

Next question goes to Claire and Jessy is the low card.

Jessy would you like to reach into Jim’s pants and pull out his 8.5” long **** and suck on it? Or take the dare.

“What’s the dare?” Jessy gets out

Bend over and show us your *** for 10 seconds?

There’s a pause and then she stands up and bends over and lowers shorts and panties

“1 2 3 “ Claire counts

Everyone is staring at her ***** lips.

4 5 6

From my angle there small and she looks shaved. I don’t think she shaved when we we’re in high school.

7 8

“Tight” Bobby announces


The guys are moving around and rearranging their seating again

10, Claire finishes counting

The next few rounds I don’t really remember that well

Donald gets to cup a feel Sara’s boob for 10 seconds through her shirt and bra.

Jenny got to rub Barry’s hard on through his pants for 10 seconds.

Jenny dared, Jimmy to kiss Bobby on the lips for 10 seconds and if they did she would let each one of them feel her **** for 10 seconds. And they kiss each other and then walked into the shadows and I guess felt Jenny’s ****. It was too dark to see from where I was. But the guys were smiling on the way back into the fire circle.

Sara got Claire back

“Ok Claire did you every foul around with a girl and who was it?”

“What’s the dare?”

Take off you shirt and show us your **** and how you play with them for 1 minute.

Claire tried standing but fell over.

Sara instructs her “Ok just sit there and show us.”

Claire removes her shirt. Everyone is quiet and staring at Claire in anticipation.

She has a nice white bra on that looks nice in the fire light against her tanned body.

She slowly unhooks her bra and let it fall off her shoulders.

Her hands and arms are covering her breast.

“Come on Claire” Jimmy pipes up

Her hands fall away.

She has a nice pair of white **** that have not seen the sun.

“You have to play with them too” Sara announces

Claire is in a dream state and she raises her hand up to her right nipple and slowly pulls on it. It quickly becomes hard. Her other hand is moving up and down her belly.

I can see the guys re-arranging there junk.

Everyone is starting at Claire innocent virginal body.

Donald got his hand on Jessy’s inner leg and gentling rubbing her.

Jimmy and Bobby are sitting on either side of Jenny. You can see Jimmy is touching her right boob and pinching her nipple , which is pointing straight up. Bobby hand is wondering down Jenny’s inner tight up and down up and down up and down.

My ***** is getting wet.

Charlie and Sara are just watching Claire play with her ***.

I’m so horny. I can fell my ***** getting wet.

Jessy and Donald are lightly kissing and watching at the same time.

I think Claire forgot about the time. I think she went a few minutes.

She found he shirt and put it back on.

She tried to stand up but ended up falling over.

Sara can you give a hand with her. Sara and I lugged her over to her tent and put her in her sleeping bag, in her tent. She was like a dead body, semi awake.

“Ok that should do it” Sara shrugged.

“Sue , can I ask a favor? Sara asked


End of Part 15
Part 16 starts in 30 seconds
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one of the best of the first 15!

All I can day is... DAMN!

Thanks for the first 15 parts. Please add me. Thanks.

I have many fond memories of camping trips similar to this.


I am hoping the favor is naughty.... Like can you eat me?