The Joy Of Self Touching

Whether you are female or male we would enjoy the natural sensations of feeling sexy and horny. These feelings for many of us in all probability eventuate when we are on our own and not necessarily with a partner, and invariably manifest themselves spontaneously and unexpectedly. Of course when the feelings do occur we can enjoy them, control them, and choose whether or not to prolong them before seeking gratification and sexual relief through ************ or with a particular partner.
Feeling sexy and horny does not necessarily imply we must have an ******. Rather prolonging the feelings of arousal fuels the stimulation and sexual desire. These feelings whilst they can be enjoyed naturally as we go about our business privately, professionally or industrially, can still be enjoyed in either circumstances with proper discretion. I found that engaging in self touching during periods of feeling horny and sexy enables you to derive pleasurable enjoyment without necessarily proceeding to ****** by simply taking a few moments time out in a convenient discreet location depending on where you are at the time, to touch yourself sensuously. This can include locations such as in the workplace, a friends place, just to name a few, however if at home your discretion can obviously be relaxed a great deal more as you choose.
I love touching myself and introduced it into my lifestyle some years ago during feelings of arousal or alternatively with a view to generating those feelings. This regular practice i have found keeps me feeling very horny and sexy and i can enjoy the sensations derived from having an erection frequently  during each day of the week. Touching your particular partner will of course enable both of you to enjoy the sensations derived and fuel mutual desire.
Our genitalia apart from its natural functionality is also meant to be pleasured through touching, enjoyed and gratified in order to maintain a healthy sexy body, so touching should be considered and practiced i believe as an integral part of that maintenance. The touching can be done while naked, through underwear, or even while fully clothed. This can be very sexy especially for a woman where she may be wearing a very soft and silky dress or skirt in conjunction with silky nylon lingerie. The silkiness enhancing the sensuality of the touching.
In conclusion touching yourself is stimulating and gratifying and helps keep your libido in top gear.
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I cant really say I love the touching, although I ********** frequently, I never got the fondling with my bare hands right. Instead, I love to rub my VJJ area on soft/sturdy places, like arm sofas, bed posts, chair corners, well you got the idea. Often I use pillows rolled under my VJJ as I straddle and rock on top of them, usually on my bed on the mornings. I had seen hundreds of po... movies, and tried my fingers and vibrators, but its the pressure on my vagina that makes the trick. So, if I wake up, on one of my ovulating days, and cant get me off because I have to go to work, I use thight tight body suits, or my gym leotards which press against my vag. mound and with a little rocking....well you can imagine what happens. Often I squirt, and I had squirted on my office. not very comfortable, but sometimes I cant help myself. I wish to be more like the regular girls/women that ********** the normal way, but so far, no success, sight, I envy you girls.

It is wonderful that you mastubate frequently but it is such a pity that you cant really say that you love the self touching due to you evidently never getting the fondling with you bare hands right. I suppose one way to improve that situation would be to spend some considerable time just exploring and touching and feeling your ***** slowly, and caressing every area of her and hopefully identifying the feelings that give you the most pleasurable sensations. Thinking of sexy things whilst you do it might also help. Perhaps dress sensuously in lovely silky lingerie and play with your ***** in front of a mirror through the silky fabric might also help or wear just a very sexy pair of pretty panties and rub your ***** through very silky soft nylon panties not a harsher fabric of pantie. It is good that you utilize inanimate objects to rub your VJJ area against. Many girls practice doing that. Every females reaction to touch may vary so you have to find the touch that ignites the ideal stimulation and pleasurable sensations that you enjoy. Yes i can imagine what transpires when you wake up on one of your ovulating days, and cant get yourself off because you have to go to work, and using tight body suits, or your gym leotards which press against your vag mound and with a little rocking it must be explosively orgasmic. Wow how amazing squirting in your office. I think that is so exciting especially being compounded by the fact you just cant help yourself. Although you wish you could be regular like girls/women that ********** the normal way i would urge you to spend lots of time experimenting in all sorts of ways to hopefully identify those sensations with your bare hands that will enable you to ********** the normal way in addition to the ways and means that you currently deploy to derive pleasure. Let you mind wander to erotic thoughts as your fingers explore your *****, feel erotic, spread your legs wide exposing your ***** and caress and feel her all over. Love your ***** so beautifully and want her to give you pleasure with your bare hands. She will reward you with stimulation, pleasure, joy and sexual gratification.

Thank you for your most interesting input to my story. Take care.

I keep coming back to re read this post so hot.

felling sexy is so good. a lot of people never allow themsefs the pleasure of the feel the touch.Love the profile pic.

Thank you so much babytagalong for your response and comments. Much appreciated.

you are welcome I am new to all this on this site so I am learning my way .your profile pic is very nice can I message you?