Suzan Camping – Part 16

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 15 first.


“You know I really like Charles?


“Well I really like him a lot?


“I mean a really lot”


“Would you mind if I took you tent tonight?

“Well, where will I sleep?”

“You can sleep in this tent”

“What with Claire?”

“Yes, she’s harmless. She’ll be lucky if she wakes up by morning”

“Come on Sue, I really need Charles so badly.”

“ok, Sara, but you owe me”

Zip zip

“Hi Jessy Where is Jenny and the Jimmy and Bobby.”

Jessy answers “They just stumbled away back to the boys camp”

“Well I guess it’s down to the three of us.”

“Maybe down to the one of you” I’m turning in”  Jessy annouces

“Ok goodnight Jess”” Goodnight Don”

As they walk away from the fire and over to Jessy’s tent. I can see Don and Jessy’s profile in the moon light. It looks like a passionate kiss. Or maybe a little more.

Zip zip ziiiiiiippppp

I guess Jessy figures Jenny has found other sleeping arrangement with Jimmy and Bobby.

Ohh hehehe, I can hear Jessy and Don talking.

Looks like Sara convinced Charles to spend the night too.  Zipppppp

Well last women standing I guess. Time to turn in.




Ok 1 am.


I can recognize Sara’s giggle.

Claire is curled up in a ball. She’s half on my pad. I just have to move her butt over. Ok that’s good.

Hehehe, I hear Sara. Or maybe that’s Jessy.

It’s quiet

I need some sleep

Gee wiz Claire is half on my pad. I just have to wedge her butt over. And her legs. There that should do it. Claire she looks like a small person but when she’s out she is like a piece of dead meat.

Hehe, I hear Sara in the next tent.



Aaa, sounds like Charlie is having some fun with Sara.


A a a a a a a a a a a a I can hear Sara starting to moan. I think Charlie is licking her. Claire is lightly snoring next to me.

A a a a a a a a a a a a Sara is continuing to quietly moan in the next tent. I feel my ***** getting wet as my fingers find my lips. Mmmm.

I look over at Claire and she is turned slightly away and is still lightly snoring.

I’m listening to my best friend moaning in the next tent and I’m rubbing my *****.

A a a a a a a a a a a a Sara is continues to quietly moan for a few minutes. My ***** is so wet. I’m getting hot. Need to open my sleeping bag. ZIPP. Quiet. Zipppp. That’s better.

Sara moaning has stopped. Maybe they heard me? I laid there for a few minutes listening.

Then suc sh suh sh suc sh ugg sh suh sh sh. OMG, Sara is sucking his ****. Ya, she’s definitely sucking him.

suc sh suh sh suc sh ugg sh suh sh sh

ugg I can hear Charles. Sounds like he likes it.

The sucking sound stopped. I can here Sara and Charles whispering something but can not make it out. Sounds like there moving around a bit on their sleeping mats.


OMG I think he just entered her.

a a a a a a a a a a a

OMG I can hear Sara moaning a bit. He must be stroking her.

My ***** is so wet right now. Claire is still a sleep.

a a a a a a a a a a a

ugg a ugg a ugg uggg UGG a a ugg

OMG I think Charlie just came. That was fast and quiet too.



OMG someone is getting ****** hard and screaming on the other side of the camp ground.

This passioned scream lasted for about 30 seconds and quiet returned to the camp ground

WOW it's 1:30AM I have to get some sleep.

My pj’s are pushed down and my finger is buried in my *****. I’m half way out of my bag. I can feel the cool air and pull the bag over me. And quietly nod off into an alcohol induced dream world.

End of Part 16
Part 17 starts in 90 minutes.
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