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I love touching myself I do it everyday since I was 15 I've done it anywhere I've been turned on I once did it in the bathroom at my school cause my teacher was ******* hot, I've done it in the shower in the car even on a bus. I don't think there's anything wrong with it asking as you don't get caught. What can I say I'm just a horny girl who needs to be pleased.
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Please continue !

Ummmm .... you just made me throb a little :)

=o!!!!!!!!! OMG.... my kind of girl! :) i hope we can be friends =P

What you need is a man to eat you every day.

Oh that's hot

I wish I could watch you. It turns me on to watch a woman play with herself

Would love to chat with you about this and exchange stories

would love to please you all the time

Where's the most risky place you've been when touching yourself?

I would love to help you with that.

And you have a story about how you discovered this pleasure, and the influences or moments that inspired your early habit forming fun?

I feel the same exact way!!!

I'd like you to touch yourself in a public place where you probably will get caught. I'd have you wear so little that you and I would easily be able to play with your *****. Did your teacher ever get to play?

There is nothing wrong with pleasing often as needed. :)

Nothing wrong with exploring and pleasure your body. There also is something very sensual seeing a woman touching herself

lol...good for you..

I would love for you to think of me next time you touch yourself.

Wow,that's hot!!! I like the fact that when you feel you gotta have it you just go for it,taking care of your business :)

i agree

I's a lot of fun to do it together...watching each other as the excitement builds! type of woman!!!!

I,d love to see it :-)

That's very hot to imagine you are pleasing yourself anywhere, even in the bus ! I'd LOVE to help you ********** and also please you so you ****** several times and I'd LOVE to make these ******* as intense as possible so you get completely exhausted of ******* so many times.

I agree I started at 12 and i am 45 now and it feels good but not as good as with a woman.