surfing here is a good place to play gently with myself. lots of variety and short little stories. but its a pity so many just must be fantasies. surely in our lives ther is enough sexy dreaming to tell it as a dream. why say its real if its not?
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read my stories, all true I can assure you. not dreams. I also agree with you on the asterisk thing instead of guessing what the word actually is, takes the edge of the story.

Cliona, I also prefer authenticity. My story is true.

I would love to be ble to chit with you, but I cant send you a message as you don't allow them outside of your circle xx I am also disabled, 40 male wheelchair user from uk x

Totally agree. There's so many places for fantasy on the internet, can't we have one place where the stories are true? I find true stories so much more arousing than fantasies, most of which are simply impossible. But too many people get off by presenting fiction as fact.

Virtual kisses to your RL body xxxx

add me x

I'm not sure how to know that a story is just fantasy when it's presented as reality. Are there guidelines for making that distinction?

I cannot answer this question. There are groups for fantasies, sections for blogging or for confessions so there is no reason as to why they have to lie. I have also noticed in some photo sections the penis or ***** looks so remarkably different there is no way it is the same organ. Silly really and I have held back in telling them I think its all bullshit, best to let them have their delusions i suppose. It takes time to sort out the real from the perception of real.

Just make sure you leave no damp stains on the office chair :)