Suzan Camping – Part 17

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 16 first.



Uh, as I roll over. Oh I guess Claire had to pee. She did drink a lot tonight.

It’s 2:45, as I roll over and look over to my phone

It’s quiet.

Mmmmmm I really liked listening to Sara and Charlie earlier this evening.

Muuuuuummmm, he was ******* her good.

My ***** needs a good man like Charlie.

Mmmmmm, as my finger finds my wet spot. Mmmmmmm

I need a good hard ****. Mmmmmmm



Zipppppp, Claire re-enters the tent and I freeze. Bad timing. I really need to ***.

Claire try’s to climb back into her bag without waking me.
I ‘m rolled on my side, mostly in my bag, with one of my fingers buried in my *****. I don’t think Claire saw me playing with myself as she entered the tent.

Claire is wiggling around in her bag. Zip

I can feel her bum pressed up to mine. She feels warm.

Are you awake? She ask.

But I pretend to be asleep. I do not think she saw me playing with myself, but I figured I better just pretend to be asleep, then I do not have to explain why I was moaning. It was just a dream or something.

A few minutes go bye and I can hear movement in Jessy’s tent which is only about 10 meters away from our tent. And then ooohh.

Hehe, that sounds like Jessy.

It sounds like. O o o o

I think Don and Jessy are doing it.

O o o o

I can feel Claire moving around.

I can feel her bum a bit more.

O o o o
I can just make out Jessy’s very faint moan.

I can feel Claire butt and back against mine.

Her butt is slowly moving around.

O o o o


Suzan are you awake? Claire ask, in a whisper voice.

I do not respond and play that I’m asleep, even though I'm listening to Jessy in the background getting fingered or eaten out or something.

O o o o Jessy is quietly moaning in the background.

Claire is re-adjust herself and I think she is laying on her back now , because I can’t feel her butt any longer.

O o o o Jessy continues to moaning quietly in the background.

I think Claire leg is resting on my butt now. I can feel her moving a little.

O o o o Jessy continues to moaning. OMG, that’s hot .

I can feel Claire movement.

Is she ************?

Her leg is pressing on my butt now. I can feel her butt and legs moving back and forth and up and down. I think she has her fingers in her ***** and she’s fingering herself, while listening to Jessy.

Mmm, Was that Claire?

O o o o


O o o o

Mmmm, Claire is moaning softly too.

A few minutes go by and I can feel and hear Claire is really stroking her *****. Every, out, I can feel her leg push on my butt and, in, they wrap around her hand.

O o o o

Mmmm Claire is moaning in sink with Jessy.


Ohh OHH!

OMG, sounds like Jessy just came.

I only feel Claire rocking next to me now with an occasional moan.

End of Part 17
Part 18 starts in 2 minutes.
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my favorite illustration

That picture of your ***** is super hot!

Hehe this tale keeps getting better and better!