Suzan Camping – Part 18

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 17 first.

Mmmm Claire is quietly moaning next to me.

I can feel her leg pressing against me.

She’s moving around again.

I move my hands to my face as she is rolling around.

I don’t feel her warmth any more.

Suzan, Claire whispers, but I do not response.

Maybe she saw that my hand was in between my legs.

She’s moving around again.

O, I can feel her legs and stomach lightly touching me. She is spooning me. I can feel her warmth.

She is wiggling tighter into my ***.

O she just put her hand on my butt. It is very lightly on my hip. She is holding it there. Now she is lowering it. She is making little circles on my hip. My down bag just compresses under her hand weight.

She’s moving it up and to my stomach. She is making little circles. That feels good. O

She’s sliding it up, up to my breast. Oo

I can feel her fingers at the base of my boobs. Oo

Oo she’s touching my nipples and they are getting sooo hard. She’s rubbing them. Now she’s lightly pulling on them and twisting them. Ooo, I’m trying so hard not to make a noise.

I can feel her pushing her body into me.

Her hand is now moving down, down, down. She is rubbing my vagina. Ooo

I can feel my ***** lips parting under her up and down rubbing. Im getting so wet. Ooo I’m fighting from moaning but a small one escapes. Her hand stops.

Then she continues the assault on my *****. I can feel her finger pushing down on my wet opening. She is pushing my sleeping bag and my pj material into my *****. Ooo

Zippppp Zipppppp


Someone is sick outside our tent. Claire stops her assault on me and looks out the tent screen. She sits up.


Are you ok , she asks

Ya, Cathy answers


Do you need any help? Claire offers



Yaaa, please, Cathy finally responds.

Claire starts moving around besides me. Zipppppp zipppppp

It looks like Claire is heading out to take care of Cathy.

End of Part 18
Part 19 starts in 5 minutes
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your stories are so amazingly hot!
thank you for writing them and sharing them with us!