Suzan Camping – Part 20

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 19 first.

I woke to the sounds of morning in the campground, with some kid yelling. As I rolled over Claire is fast asleep next to me. She’s all curled up with her bum to me.

Well my bladder is busting so I have to get up.

Zippppp out of my bag.

I’ll try and not wake Claire up as I find some clothes.

Zippppp zipppp

Off to the comfort station. Monday morning and it’s another beautiful day. I walked by the camper, but did not hear anything today. I was kind of disappointed. Did my thing at the comfort station. It was very quiet. I guess everyone is sleeping in. I walked back to camp, pass the camper again. Very quiet. I walked very slow pass it. But no bed springs today. You can hear a few kids running around in the next roadway. Back at camp it looks like I’m the first up. It’s already 9:30 so the others should be getting up soon. So I decide to start breakfast and see if the smell of fresh coffee does not get a reaction.

I’m getting pretty good at this camp stuff. Pump up the Coleman 2 burner. squeak squeak squeak. I guess this pump needs some oil. squeak squeak squeak. Prime ok light. We have lift off and fire. Start with some coffee. Lot’s of coffee.

I think the plan is too eat breakfast/lunch, pack up, spend the day on the beach, have a snack and then get on the road about 4 ish. With traffic we should be back in Toronto by 7-8 ish.

Sitting back and enjoying my coffee. Oh it looks like I see Jessy moving around her tent. I can see some movement. The tent fly is flexing a bit. Flexing, flexing, flexing, flexing.

OMG I think they might be doing something.

Flexing, flexing, flexing, flexing. Can’t make out what ? Is Don ******* her or eating her out. I don’t hear anything?

The tent continues to flex. Flexing, flexing, flexing, flexing. I try to look away , but this is really hot knowing that Jessy is being pleasured as I sit 10 meters away. Aaa my hand rubs my ***** through my shorts.

Ahh I’m wish that was me. I need to find a bf. I really need a man now.

What are they doing?

Flexing, flexing, flexing, flexing

Ahh aaah aaah ahhh

I need to see. I slowly get up and move closer and over to the road side. To get a better view of their screened door way. I can see the top 1/3 is open. As I move cautiously around, their tent is still flexing.

He's moving around

OMG I can see the back of Don’s head and shoulders. I look around to see if anyone is around from the other campsites. My eyes return to Jessy’s tent, I see Don back and he is moving back and forth. I take another step and I see his lower back. A little closer I can see Jessy left leg. OMG he’s ******* her. Jessy is laying there on her back. A little closer He is stroking her very slowly.

Ooo. She is starting to moan which each thrust on Don’s ****.

My hand returns to my front of my shorts.

I quickly look around the campsite to make sure no one’s coming.

Ooo, Jessy quietly moans.

Ug, sounds like Don likes it too.

OMG he’s pulling her legs up. I can make out Dons back and most of Jessy, except for her face.

Slap, oo

Slap, oo

A little closer.

OMG I can see Dons BALLS and he is ******* Jessy’s *****. He’s got her legs pushed all the way to her shoulders. I can see and hear his balls gentle slaping against her *****. Oo

My hand moves my shorts and panties aside as I put a finger inside my *****. Oo This is so hot.

Don is ******* her so good. He must be 7 inches long at least. I’m so close to them. I am standing right behind Don as he is ******* her. I can’t see Jessy face but I can hear she is really enjoying this. Her moans are quiet but you can tell she is feeling Don’s motion. She’s bent over in half. I can see his balls and her ***** once in a while when he almost pulls out and then plows her.

Slap oo slap oo slap oo slap oo, Jessy is quietly moaning now in sink with Don’s thrust. I can’t see here face but I think she likes Don’s **** a lot.

I quickly look around the campsite to see if anyone is around. All clear.

OMG I FREEZE. JESSY IS MOANING AND LOOKING RIGHT AT ME. Don is kissing her right ear and neck and she is looking right at me. Slap ooo slap oooo slap oooo slap oooo

Does she see me?

Her moans are becoming longer.

OMG she just gave me a thumbs up. OMG what do I do?

Ooooooo oooooooooo oooooooo Jessy’s moaning and her head is arched back

Ooooooo oooooooooo oooooooo she continues to moan.

I’m only a meter from her tent and I see everything. Don is stroking her so good. My ***** is so wet. I’m going to *** soon.

Jessy grabs Don’s head and looks again back at me and smiles. Then she makes a big O with her month and moans , oooooooo **** me! **** me!

I can’t take it. My hand is over my mouth to control my sounds . I’m *******. My legs give out and I end up on my knees for a about 10 seconds as I recover. I can hear Don and Jessy climaxing also.

I look around at the campground and stand up and see Don driving into Jessy *****. She is moaning in sink with Don’s pumping slaps . Jessy moans ooooooo **** me! ooooo **** me!

Don suddenly pulls out and straddles Jessy’s chest and shoots his white strings of man juice on her face and hair. One , Two OMG LOOK AT ALL THAT *** ON JESSY’S FACE. He’s still shooting his stuff. Three, Four, Five OMG LOOK AT IT ALL! There’s *** everywhere. One string on her forehead and hair. One on each cheek. A little on across her nose and more on her chin and neck. He’s milking his **** and more *** is coming out. He’s dripping it on her lips.


She is taking is semi hard **** into her mouth. She is sucking him dry. She moves her head sideways almost to show me a profile view. Don pulls out and Jessy licks his shaft and then balls. She is cleaning up all his ***.

I can see her looking at me for a few seconds, then she goes back to licking Don. She wipes some of the *** with her finger off of her chin and places it into her mouth and licks it down. She glances over at me to see that I’m still watching her. Don’s **** is getting softer and he is just looking down at Jessy as she cleans all the *** off her face and swallows it all down her mouth.

OMG I have to get out of here. I slowly back my way from their tent.

I walk all the way to the comfort station. I can’t believe what I just saw. HOLY **** JESSY SAW ME.

I don’t know what got into me. That was so hot. But so wrong! But so hot. But so wrong

I’m so confused. What am I suppose to do? How am I going to face her?

End of Part 20
Part 21 starts in 30 minutes.
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i cant imagine, but its well written

This story just keeps getting hotter and hotter!

Watching people is a HUGE turn-on!