Suzan Camping – Part 21

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 20 first.

I am so confused. What am I going to do. Jessy is going to think I’m a sex pervert, a peeping Tom, or a peeping Sue. How did I get into this mess? And now Don probably knows. **** And you know how guys are? All the guys know. ****!!! Then the girls will find out. ****!!! ****!!! ****!!!

How does this happen? I just get too horny and before you know it my **** is doing all my thinking for me. ****!

I slowly walked back to camp in a daze and could see Jessy and Don at the table. Cathy and Barb are cooking something and Claire is packing up her stuff.

As I enter camp, Jessy says HI

I sheepishly respond with, hi.

Don grunts, morning. Cathy and Barb state they are cooking up bacon and they are going to make egg muffins with cheese.

Jessy walks by and does not say anything.

Nobody is really saying anything?

Don sits down next to me and sips on his coffee. He’s very quiet. Mum , I do not think he knows anything.

So Suzan how did you sleep last night? Don asks
**** , here we go, I think to myself.
Fine, I answer.

Jessy sits down across from me and smiles as she sips on her coffee.
Well, I heard there was some excitement last night, he states
****, this is going to kill me, I think.

Ya, I respond.
Well I can explain, I ………I ......start to stand up.
Jessy jumps in and says, Ya we heard Cathy was sicker that a dog from Claire.

Oh, Cathy….
Ya Claire took her to the washroom last night and spent the next hour with her head in the sink.
Oh............, I respond, because I’m so confused right now.

I look over at Jessy and she gives me a smile and a wink.
Wow she did not tell Don or any of the girls.

From that day forward Jessy has been one of my best friends.

End of Part 21
Part 22 starts in 1 hour
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