Suzan Camping – Part 22

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 21 first.

It looks like Sara and Charlie have emerged from their tent. Sara is GLOWING. She corners me around the cars and thanks me for giving up my tent last night. She is smiling from ear to ear.

She ask me to go with her to the comfort station. As we walked, she was bubbling about how wonderful Charlie was. She loved his kisses and his smell and his muscles and his mind and his fingers and his tongue and his c…. I think she was in love. It was hard to get a word in. Anyways she said she owed me big time. She took a shower as I brushed my teeth and cleaned up in the washroom

I could hear a few guy voices on the guy side of the comfort station wall. They were laughing about something. My ears perked up when I heard Jenny’s name.

I think it was Fred, Jimmy and Barry.

Jimmy and Barry where relying their adventures to Fred

Ya after you left Jenny could not keep her hands off of us, Jim explained

Ya the girls left for a bit and that’s when Jenny and we decided to have the party continue at our campsite.

We got out some Rum but did not need it

Jenny really wanted my ****, Barry explained

No she really wanted my **** Jimmy stated.

Really?, Fred answered.

Ya the three of us were sitting around the fire with jenny in between us.

All of a sudden you can hear some women scream out in the night.

We all listened until she stopped ******* and then we all broke out laughing. And then Barry said, “Well somebody is having a good time!”

There was a few moments of silence, and then Jenny said “I wish that was me!”

I looked at her and gave her a big kiss on the lips. She opened her mouth and my tongue explore her mouth for a minute. She said that’s a nice start and pulled away from me. She looked over to Barry and said, “You’re turn”

Ya than I gave her a big kiss, Barry explained . She smelled so good. Her tongue moved around my tongue and down my mouth.

Ya man she had her hand on my leg.

She looked over at me and I laid another kiss on her, Jimmy said. But this time I grabbed her *** too. Oh man she has amazing ****. Their like a soft ball in a sock. I could feel her nipple getting so hard and pointy.

She pushed me away and then Barry did the same.

Ya but I pulled her tube top down and her two big **** where totally exposed, Barry explained.
Then I sucked her nipple for a few minutes. Then she pushed me away , Barry explained.

Ya you know what she said ? No what? Fred ask

“You boys have got to learn to share”

She pull Barry Head to her right *** and me over to her left boob

NO WAY! Fred yells out

Ya we sucked on her nipples for a few minutes.

Then I reached down to between her shorts. She was wet. I could feel her ***** lips and they where big ones.

Ya and then she reached out and started to rub my ****, Barry states.

She pushes us a way again and says “ Well boys do you have something to show me?”

Both Jimmy and I stand up.

Then she says ”Come here boys”

She reaches out and grabs our belts and starts undoing them.

Zip she pulls dowm my zippler first. Then she did Barry.

“You guys are bullshitting me” Fred declares

No man that’s what she did. Ya it’s like Jimmy says, Barry confirms.

She pulled my pants down and my **** sprung out. Then she pulled Barry’s down.

The she licked her lips and said “What am I going to do with you boys?”

She reached out with both hands and grabbed us.

Then she started to stroke us.

I reached forward and played with her nipples.

Ya and I reached forwarded and put my hand on the top of her head., Jimmy stated.

She looked over at me and kissed my ****.

NO WAY, Fred can’t believe it.

Oh Ya Man, Barry confirmed it happened.

Then she licked me a few times. Then she took me in her mouth. She felt so good. She did that for a few minutes.

Ya and then she look at me and did the same, Barry said.

Ya and then she grab us both and sucked  on us.

Then she stopped and stood up and started to walk away.

“Well boys are you going to join me” we heard her say as she headed to our tent.

Oh man –NOOO WAY !, Fred can’t believe it.

Ya that’s what she said, Jimmy confirmed

We climbed into our 4 man tent with our pants down around our feet.

She was hot and horny as hell, man.

We spread out the sleeping bags and we all ********. I ended up kissing her and sucking on her ****, Jimmy said,

Ya and I started rubbing her ***** and then I went down on her and eat her out for about 10 minutes. She made these nice sounds when I touch her **** with my tongue. She was so wet. She has these big fleshy ***** lips that are just so hot.

Ya then she pulled me up and I stuck my **** in her mouth. She was moaning and then I face ****** her and came in her mouth. She just sucked harder. Man I never had a BJ like that.

She was still moaning as a I licked her *****.

Then she started to ask for it.
What? Fred asked

My **** man, my ****, Jimmy explained. She was moaning “**** me **** me”

So I moved up and thrust forward into her. She was so wet that I bottomed out on two pumps man.

She was moaning for me to **** her. Ya man , **** her hard.

She was a super horny women. She really now’s how to ****. I shot my first load in her deep. She was moaning my name.

I rolled off her and Barry took my place.

“What sloppy seconds”, Fred ask

No man her ***** is amazing. I was hard as rock and started to **** her and I could feel her ***** grabbing my ****. She started to *** and she was really moaning and her hips were ******* me back.

I had to stop or I would of shot my second load. So I pulled out. You could tell she wanted more. So I got her re-positioned. I slide in behind her and re-entered her wet *****. I started slow stroking her.

Ya then she grabbed Jim and started to suck on his ****.

Ya I shoot my second load into her ***** and rolled off her.

I just watched her suck on Jimmy **** for like 5 minutes. Ya she was the best **** sucker ever , man!

Then she had me nice and hard again she climbed up on top of me, Jimmy stated. She was rocking back and forth. Ya man it was amazing.

She was amazing! She was bouncing around, her **** where bouncing around too. She had me as hard as a rock again. The she lifted herself up and repositioned her self in reverse cowgirl position.

Her hands where resting on Jimmy’s knees and she was stroking her ***** fully.

I could not take it and stood up and she took my **** in her mouth. Man I face ****** her good. I shot my load into her mouth. She just continued to **** Jimmy. She was moaning like crazy. You didn’t hear her last night man?

“No I guess I was out” Fred concedes

I could see she started to yell that she was *******. Ya and then, I came too and we all collapsed for a few minutes to recover.

She told us that we where both had great ***** and that she enjoyed all the attention she was getting.

We were both feeling every inch of her body.

She had her hand on my **** and she was making me hard again.

She was a 100% nymphomaniac man! She rested for a few minutes and then she climbs up on me. Her **** are bouncing right in front of me. I pull her down and suck on them as she rides me.

Ya and I start to play with her ***. My finger was rubbing her hole. She was so wet . I put one finger in and I can see she liked it because her moaning started up again. I then slip 2 fingers in. I ask her where my fingers are and she says “My ***” I pull out and try for three. It’s tight but with constant pressure they go in and I asked her where my fingers are and she answers “In my ***”

She’s moaning again as she rides Jimmy.

I move up behind her and push my **** into her ***. She almost stops ******* Jimmy. She does not move as I apply pressure. She moans and says “slowly”

“Slowly ooooooo slowly ooooooooooooooooooooooo”   It took a few minutes of constant pressure.

Where is my ****? “IN MY ***”, she responds.

I start slowly stoking her and she is moaning and rocking on Jimmy’s ****.

Ooooo ooooooo ooooooooooo

I think she started to cummm because she was trembling uncontrollably and moaning really loud.

Ya I had to kiss her to smother her moaning, Jimmy explains.

Ya I stated to really pound here ***. I was not going to last long. Ya man I plowed her good for about 10 minutes, Barry stated . More like 3 minutes, Jimmy laughted. Well she was asking for more . She was moaning and yelling out harder unless I kissed her to keep her quiet. We all came really hard and ended up collapsed in a ply of human flesh. I woke up this morning and out tent smelt like sex. Jenny was already gone.

Gone where? I guess back to the girls camp.

We’re heading over there next .

OMG Jenny had a *********.

End of Part 22
Part 23 starts in 30 minutes
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What a series of stories, just started reading them. Please add me.

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