Suzan Camping – Part 23

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 22 first.

OMG Jenny had a *********! I think to myself as I wait for Sara to emerge from her 15 minute shower.

“Did you leave any hot water for anybody else ?”, I joke.

As we walk back to camp I can tell Sara is glowing.

She takes my hand and leads me to the beach.

Where are we going? I ask

I tell you in a minute

We sit down at the picnic table on the edge of the beach. There’s nobody around.

I really really appreciate you giving up your tent last night. Charlie is the wonderful , he’s great ……..

WOW she really likes this guy.

She hasn’t stopped talking about him.

“Well I can’t stand in the way of love, can I?, I announce.

She gives me a big hug and squeezes me so tight.

So you really like him?

I LOVE HIM, she announces.

He is the best.

I have to tell someone, and your my best friend.

He played with me all night. He is the best lover I have ever had. He is smart and kind and he can really turn me on. He kisses me right outside the tent last night and I just melted. She is pointing to her neck.

When we got into the tent he kissed me here and then his hand found my ****. I was so horny.

He gently but firmly pulled my top down and he licked my nipples until they hard. I love it when he pulls gentle on my nipples.

I pulled his T shirt off and put my hands on his head holding him against my breast. I was so horny. I pushed his head down. He licked my stomach. He had the idea now, and he unbuttoned my shorts and pulled both them and my panties off. He looked at my wet ***** and then looked back up at me, I think for my approval. That’s all it took and his tongue found my *****.

Sara why are you telling me all this? As I squirm.

I have to tell someone and you’re my best friend.

His tongue played with my **** and ***** for a while and then he put a finger in me. IT WAS GREAT.

It did not take me long to ***. He licked my girl juice up.

I pulled him up and gave him a big kiss.

I then rolled him over on to his back and told him I need to pay him back.

Sara stops with her story as an older couple walk by. GOOD MORNING! MORNING. Looks like another nice day! Yup!

End of Part 23
Part 24 starts in 30 seconds.
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