Suzan Camping – Part 24

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 23 first.

Well, I pulled him up and gave him a big kiss.

I then rolled him over on to his back and told him I need to pay him back.

I straddled his legs and slowly undid his belt. His shorts had a big bulge in them. I undid his button and unzipped and pulled them off. He was wearing briefs and I can see the outline of his penis.

WOW that’s hot! I exclaim.

Ya it was I was so horny. I kissed him here , then here, then here and then here. As Sara points to my mouth and then my neck , and then my chest, and then my stomach like I was Charlie.

When I got to his penis and I kissed it thought his under wear and I could feel it move. It felt sooo nice.

“Then what happened?” , I asked. I was wiggling on the bench as I could feel my ***** was now getting a little wet. I was really getting into her story.

Well then what happened? I asked.

I reached in and I slowly pulled it out. Sue it was so beautiful. It was really hard and long and it had a little upward curve to it. And his penis tip was like flared out like , like like this. Sara started to draw it in the beach sand. Like a mushroom sort of. And it was like this long. I think she drew it about 16” long in the sand.

NO WAY , I explained and she revised her length too around 8 inches or so. Then she was trying to explain how big a round it was. She was looking for a few sticks on the ground. Well a bit bigger than this because I could not get my hand around it. Sara is really into it as she strokes her hand up and down the beach stick.

“So then what happen?”, I asked to get her back on her story line.

I looked up at him and told him that his penis is perfect.
Then I gave it a kiss. WOW Sara! So you gave him a BJ . Oh ya. It was so nice. I could see some of his man juice .

I sucked it and it felt so good. I was so wet. I lightly held his balls as I sucked Charle’s penis. He put his hand on my head and was rocking with me. Then he pushed me back. I looked up and he told me he was going to *** soon. I told him I know and put his manhood back into my mouth. He was thrusting his hips into me and I could feel his balls tighten and knew he was close.

UGG UGGG UGGGG he shot his load into me.

The first one was ok and nice and warm.

Then the second and third squirt caught me off guard and some of his *** came out of my mouth.

Then the forth, fifth and six squirt I swallowed.

I think he squired maybe 8-10 times in my mouth. WOW SARA YOU’RE A REAL ******* EXPERT.

Oops I might have said that too loud, the couple down the beach both looked this way.

Ya I am. Charlie brings the best out of me.

End of Part 24
Part 25 starts in 30 seconds
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

So hot...Im getting a hard on (;

Love your story I would love to *** into your mouth and then kiss you swapping my own *** with you. Then it would be my turn I love using my mouth my tongue my face to make a woman *** until she begs me to stop. That's when slowly sliding my **** deeply inside you until you feel me throb pulsing hot streams of ***** into you feels so incredibly good what do you like?

Sounds like the making of another story

Horny Set of Stories, kept me Horny and amused for quite a while :-)