Suzan Camping – Part 25

Suggest you read Suzan’s Camping Parts 1 to 24 first.

Ya I am. Charlie brings the best out of me.

I moved up on top of his chest and he held me tight.

We celebrated with Coors and I told him that I really liked him. And he told me I was the best!

We talked and giggled a bit and he was spooning me. I could feel his penis was coming back to life after that beer. I wiggled my butt check so that he was poking me. I could feel him slowly rocking into me. Aaaaa, I was wet again.

I lifted my leg a bit and I could feel him gentle parting my labia. His hands where traveling from my breast to my hips back to my breast. As she demonstrates. He was twisting my nipples and pulling on them. Then he moved me up onto his chest. So he was lying on his back and I was on my back on his chest. He pulled me up to kiss him and he was kissing me here, and here and hear. As she pointed to her neck, ear and lips. I could feel his penis pointing towards his stomach . My legs straddled his legs and penis. Then he slowly lowered me down his stomach.

Ohhhh I could feel his penis pushing on my labia.

Ohhhhh he is in me

Ohhhhh ahh more

Ohhhhh ahh more

Ohhhh ahhhh more . He’s rocking in me. Aaaaa


Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh

Ahhhhh he’ ******* me.

Sue his penis was all the way in me.

He was stroking me so goooood

I was starting to shake, and I could not stop. I was out of control. His hands where cycling form my **** to my **** .

AHH I was about to ***

Aaa aa aa a aaa

He had me moaning Aaaaa aaaaa

Then I started to shake and I could not stop and was baring down on him

AHHHHH I started to *** and moaning loudly and he pulled my over to kiss me and keep my moaning quiet.


NO I , was sleeping, I state.

Well I was ******* for about a minute and I could not stop.


No just me.

But the best part was what happened next.

Sara stops her story as the elderly couple walks by again. The old guy just smiles at both of us as they disappear down the trail into the woods.

End of PART 25

Part 26 Starts in 30 seconds
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