100 Mile Ultramarathon

I just wanted to share that my coach (who is in his 60's) just ran his sixth 100 mile race up at Hardrock in Colorado. It only took him 44 hours. Just a mere 44 hours (I can't even stay awake that long). May I also add that the race does not occur on flat road, but rather brutally scales mountain after mountain, with at least four of the peaks reaching up above 14,000 feet. Yeah. Trees can't even grow up there.

Oh, and on that note, I just ran my first 10 miles ever (on trail) .

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2008

Fantastic! Some good friends of mine are down in Florida for the Iron Horse 100 this weekend. I'm hoping to do a 100 myself in the next year or too. This year, the 50 mile is my goal and my first attempt is in May!

And.... tadaaaa!! I just ran 20 miles on trail this past weekend!! Slowly moving up there...

Holy good grief. That's astounding.<br />
<br />
And congratulations on your first 10 miles on trail! :D