My Sissy Slave Punishment

I had to punish him, for a saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
This is first email for a long weekend punishment.

Date: Fri 5/25/12 8:26 AM
Good morning Mistress
This is the first of many messages I'll send you today and tomorrow.

Mistress, after your call last night I obviously felt broken hearted for offending you, not listening clearly the night before, and breaking your trust. I am so sorry!!!!! But I also know that I'm very fortunate you are allowing me this punishment and opportunity. How could I have been so foolish, Mistress, when clearly you are so nice?

I don't have a clear answer, Mistress, other than I definitely need and would cherish your training. Mistress I hope someday I could earn your trust back. I promise to try my best to please you, because my actions last night were a failure.

Mistress, I went to bed like you instructed. I also further punished myself for misbehavior toward you -- I hope you don't mind. What I did was put on a fairly tight pair of brief-style underpants, with my ***** tucked tight back between my legs, Mistress. As a result, whenever I thought of you (which was constantly), it naturally made me begin to get erect -- but I couldn't without pain because of the restriction. I eventually fell asleep in physical agony, as my ***** was hard but severely bent in that unnatural position with no escape, Mistress. I woke up the same way. In fact I woke long before my alarm clock because of the agony. But it was without a doubt worth it, because it reminded me of two things all night, Mistress: 1. I caused you even worse pain, so I deserved such punishment, and 2., my body is yours, so if it hurts me, then that's fine because whatever I can do for you is a good thing. Mistress, I hope this further self-punishment pleases you.

I am going to the store now, Mistress, to buy bread, turkey, peanut butter, and cheese. I will come directly home and send you a picture of it before 10am, as you instructed, Mistress.

Also Mistress I cleaned my bathroom sink and toilet just in case you decide to come over. I will clean some more later. Mistress, as a single male (at least in the anatomy I was born with) my apartment is not always the most spotless, but I try. Today if there's time I will mop my floors too Mistress.

It's probably a good idea, Mistress, if I again tuck my ***** tight between my legs while I go to the store now, so that the reminder of how I'm shopping per your orders is paired with additional physical pain. To everyone else it would appear as if I'm just a guy buying some food, Mistress, but I will be mentally and physically unable to forget (nor would I want to) that I'm actually a sissy whose mind and ***** are tucked away for YOU, my Mistress.

I think he better learn his lesson or else.
Now while he is to stay in his place all weekend long I will be enjoying the long weekend.

Ah! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

He is very lucky with such a Mistress

Ohhh I so wish I could be emasculated, feminized and humiliated by you!!!

hello MISTRESS , i'm new on this site and just want to say hello...........lapdog252

i'm sure i will , especially if i can find a MISTRESS close to home