Waiting For Her Master

I arrive home from work at the usual time and you meet me at the front door of my house wearing your slave's uniform, a see-through negligee. You will take my brief case and put it on the sideboard. You knell in front of me and I stroke your face . You suck the fingers of my right hand as a sign of your love and respect for your master. Then you stand up and I kiss you. If I say "Tongue slave", you will open your mouth and put your tongue out. I will suck your tongue as a sign of my love for you. While I am doing so you will spread your legs to allow me to put my hand between your legs and insert my fingers inside you. Sometimes, if I want to spoil you, I will allow you to suck my tongue.  
Then we will go to my bedroom where you will help me undress. First you will take off my coat and tie. After you have put them in the wardrobe, you will undo my belt and take off my trousers and put them on a hanger in my wardrobe. Then you will undo the buttons of my shirt and take it off. After you have done so, I will sit down on my bed so you can take off my shoes and socks. If you wish, you may gently kiss my feet or suck the fingers of my right hand again. Finally you will help me take off my underwear. You will place these, along with my shirt, in the washing basket in my wardrobe, ready for you to wash for your master. 
After I have undressed, we will go to the bathroom wwhere we will shower together as we always do. You will wash me and then massage my back to relieve my tension after a hard day at the office. I will allow you to wash my intimate areas - around my genitals. Showering always rejuvenates me and if I become aroused you will knell before me and wash my **** and balls with your mouth. After you have done so I will begin washing you.
If I say "Against the wall Slave", you would stand with your hands against the wall with your legs spread, as if you were being ***** searched. Then I will wash your intimate areas, paying particular attention to your **** and your arse. After doing so I will run my hands firmly and thoroughly over your entire body to remind you of the feel of your master's hands. You will remain with your hands against the wall until I say say "I am finished now Slave". 
After we have showered, you will dry each other with a towel, the same towel. Then you will help me dress for dinner. My clothes would be similar to your slave's uniform. They are a pair of light coloured full length silk summer pajamas. They are loose so that when I allow you to touch me, my body is easily accessible to you. I like wearing these pajamas because if I want to take you quickly, I can **** you without taking them off. Your three holes must always be ready for your Master. 
After I have dressed and you have put your negligee back on, we will go to the dining room where we will sit down to eat the evening meal that you have lovingly prepared for us. 
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8 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Wow. Your story made me shivvver! :)

i am sure You would be spread far too thin Sir, but i can certainly say bravo to your style of Dom- your description certainly does nice things to one's chemistry...

that it is Sir that it is

Sounds perfectly Aussome to me..

It would seem Sir that YOU are a Master with a potential harem. You definitely have a touch that is most desirable

I only hope one day I will find a Master just like you. I am new to this but i know this is where I truly want to be.

...sigh, better check things over TWICE before i post them in future
my apologies

its reading things like this that helped me fully understand what i am and why i enjoy such things...im a submissive and ive accepted that
i only hope i can find such an exceptionally good Master as yourself
thank you Sir, for sharing this with is...it certainly had a...ahem....an "effect"

Master. I am humbled by your maturity and hope to be a worthy slave like the one you speak of. I will be dreaming of you. I wish I was yours.

That is such a comfortable scenario; the easy companionship and submission. And understanding each other so deeply. I like the shower :-)

I love how you take control.... I wish I had someone like you but I don't think anyone can control me