What Is Bdsm And If You Want To Know More Feel Free To Ask Me, Master M

What is BDSM? BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. While the terms are somewhat interchangeable, there are some basic definitions. Bondage usually involves some form of restraint combined with some form of sensation play. The restraints can be anything from holding your partners hands to very elaborate forms of immobilization. Stockings, neckties, rope, plastic wrap or just about anything strong enough to wrap around a body part can be used. You don't have to spend lots unless you want to and then the skies the limit. The sensation play can be as simple as a feather or as complicated as a whip or other devices. Once again, you don't have to spend a ton to have some fun. A hair brush doesn't cost a lot but works well in addition to having some classic BDSM connections. Discipline can be the chastisement, in whatever form, that can accompany bondage. While Discipline and Bondage can go hand in hand, discipline can stand by its self. Discipline can be about Control and obedience without involving any other component of BDSM or it can involve all of them. Sadism and Masochism take things up another level. Sadists enjoy inflicting torment, Masochists enjoy receiving that torment. Admitting to yourself that you are a Sadist doesn't mean you are ready to work for a South American Dictatorship just as admitting you're are a Masochist doesn't mean you want to end up as a guest of that dictatorship. When we talk about Sadists and Masochists we are talking about people who honor and use safe words, respect and know limits and understand boundaries. There is good pain and bad pain. Bad pain might be the dentist hitting a nerve. An example of good pain is the magical glow that spreads through your body when you play with some one who really knows how to use a whip. You will also hear terms like Master/Mistress and slave. DOMinant and SUBimissive, Top and Bottom.. These are terms that are more about roles and relationships then about play and are beyond the scope of this abbreviated SM 101. Suffice it to say many of the terms are used interchangeably but can and do describe real roles and relationships. For the rest of this article we will use Dom and Sub. If you don't feel those terms fit you, feel free to substitute one of the others
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May 8, 2012