A Day In The Life Of Victoria

A bead of sweat escaped her scalp and streaked down her face. She ignored it, her concentration completely absorbed in her attempt to remain motionless. The candle felt heavy, much heavier than it was a half hour ago. As if her thought summoned it, a drop of hot, melting wax fell onto the sensitive skin between her shoulder blades. She flinched slightly, although she tried with all her might to stay still. She heard the sound of ice cubes rattling, and felt His attention shift to her. She was on all fours, facing the opposite direction, but His gaze was so intense that she could feel it regardless. He removed His glass from it's perilous perch, took a small sip, and then returned it to the small of her back. She stayed perfectly still as another bead of sweat trickled down between her breasts. She felt His gaze return to His book, but her relief was short-lived. His hand found her thigh, and she silently cursed herself for the flinch that caused the ice cubes to rattle again. His hand traveled up her thigh, and there was no doubt of it's intended destination. She braced herself, and she was able to remain still when his fingers penetrated her. Her legs were spread just enough to allow His easy access, and He continued to read His book while almost absentmindedly probing inside her. She bit her lip, focusing with all her might when the fingers slid out. As she expected, His wet fingers begain to rub and press her little exposed anus. Normally she would be moaning in pleasure, but she blocked out those feelings as much as she could. Another drop of hot wax fell from the candle between her shoulders, and the glass rattled once more. He took His fingers away, although she could sense His anticipation. The door to the room flew open, and His assistant entered. The assistant paused, momentarily stricken by her position. She felt herself flush, but she was not sure why. His assistant had seen her naked before, of course, it was a common state. She felt his eyes take in her body, traveling slowly over every inch. She wondered if he would be allowed to have her someday, He sometimes allowed his colleagues and favorite employees to enjoy her. She had no interest in the man, but she would gladly service him at His command. Her body was His to control, after all. After a short conversation, the assistant left. She paid no mind to the conversation, her full concentration was on maintaining her position. Her arms were burning, and the beads of sweat were increasing in number and frequency. A sinking feeling ran though her belly as she realized the end was near. It was only a matter of time until her arms gave out, and the glass fell to the floor. She heard the page turn as He continued reading, and again His fingers probed her. Her thoughts turned to her impending beating, it was inevitable. She knew His leather strap was hanging on the back of the nearby chair, she could almost taste the bite of the strap on her skin already. But she knew she had done well, she had lasted nearly an hour now. Although He would act angry and beat her soundly, He would be pleased, and after the beating He would **** her well. She felt herself getting wet, the beating and the ******* stimulating her for different reasons. She would enjoy both, as He well knew. She bit her lip and her arms began to tremble. Not much longer now.
Powerless2012 Powerless2012
36-40, M
May 14, 2012