Can I Be Tamed?

Hi, I'm Erin. I am stubborn, unbridled and very strong willed. I am here because I hate being that way, but I have not known any men in my life that can do anything about it. I began to be fascinated with dominant men a few years back, because I had a revelation that (some) men like that truly love the woman they are controlling. I was craving that kind of love and attention. I came to terms with this rather than feel ashamed of it, but I really have no experience in this area, all I do is fantasize about what it must be like. I am not only interested in the sexual aspect off this kind of experience, but the discipline of my will. I feel that I would enjoy having my will crossed and bent by someone who really cared about me, but I know that I would not be broken by any man just for sexual purposes. I know that I would only truly give my will over to a master who genuinely loved me. I am not necessarily on this site looking for that but mainly to share my thoughts and be open because I don't really have anywhere else to do so.
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I believe my Master can "tame" any woman. I wasn't even looking for this and ultimately he bent me to his will.

You aren't as stubborn as u think if u want to change..stay stubborn!!!

Hello. To answer your question yes you can be trained to be submissive. There are 2 critical things you need. First you need a real dominate man that knows how to lead. I believe a real master will help a woman reach her full potential by developing her talents. Next you need to want to be submissive. You have to TRUST and LOVE and RESPECT your man to be truly submissive. Hope that helps.

Dominant/submissive (or Master/slave) relationships are very powerful things. Yet, they are still relationships. If you are looking for a serious long term relationship with the right Master or Dom for you, take your time and get to know them as a real and genuine person. There are many "fakes" out there that will just jump in and start ordering you around or pretend to be dominant when in reality all they are looking for is sexual stimulation as they sit in front of their computer screen.<br />
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The deeper you want to go, the more you need to be able to respect and trust the person to whom you are submitting. This takes time and communication. LOTS of communication. One of the most important things you can do is to figure out exactly what you are looking for. Read and talk to people in the community. <br />
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Best of luck in your search :)

u may read My real life stories and tell Me if that what u seek or not