The Proud Slave Girl

She was a little red-headed devil of a girl- a former beauty queen who still had all her looks at 30;and really, when I think back on it,Im not at all sure who trained who; not important in the overall scheme of things. We had done all the naughty role -playing games in bed already{"Please **** me,Master"]etc. etc. Then ,one afternoon, as we lay in bed,she picked up a novel I'd been reading from the bedside table,saying" Go on read your book-I'll pour you a Rum & coke, and light a Camel for you as well" "What are you planning on doing?I'm sure you're up to something!" 'Oh, I'll just be lying here,Sucking your ****.....Master. Just like the devoted little slave you've always known I am."                                                                         

And that was just the beginning.I taught her to take three men at once,with me sometimes joining in,sometimes filming,sometimes ******* one of her girlfriends; how to be given to another man for the night ,or the weekend,as a Birthday gift; how to fetch the riding crop in her teeth ,and crawl to me on all fours when she had been naughty and deserved punishment; how to be mine,utterly and completely,obedient to my every whim;and how equally to make me hers-her firm but equally responsive Master. She wanted to be pierced,so I arranged for an expert to first pierce her nipples, and some weeks later her clitoris,while the piercing artist's assistant alternated between licking and ******* her to ****** just as  the needle slid in,right at the point of ecstatic release. and I her loving Master, held her hand and looked deep into her beautiful green eyes ,the whole time. I have had many slaves since then ; but none so absolutely ,totally mine and mine alone;and none who gloried so much in her total, gorgeous, slavish submission.






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Can I be your slave?

Wow. Do you still train?

i love to be slave on chat

I read this one

What a gorgeous and enthralling tale of submission! Thanks so much for sharing it, Sir. It's always so much nicer when a man understands the deepest needs of his female, and provides her means to show her greatest submission to him as his slave by sharing her, as well as providing proof of his dominance by way of taking another for his own pleasures and forcing her to accept the fact that she is mere property of his. <br />
<br />
How thoughtful to capture her deepest moments of submission on film insuring her perfection forever this way:) And then there's the marking of a man's property as his own through the piercing/branding process. I'm to look forward to my next piercings as well. I hope I'm given the same thoughtful treatment, though. The usual parlours are so hospital like, whereas your way of providing your slave some comfort throughout the necessary process seems much better a way to get through it.

being trained and then living that life is incredibly satisfying...great story....thank you for sharing...

Curious about her piercings... do you remember how long it took for her to heal? Lucky lady! Sounds like you two understood the dynamic very well :)

hi love the story have some questions but can't message you without paying LOL can you message me so I can just reply with my questions thanx.

i am eager for training - my husband doesn't understand my need to serve and obey - wish i could find Someone that will train....

greetings and nice post , this girl just signed up to read te posts here have read another too that caught girls interest *smirks* anyway girl hopes Aall have a wonderful day

can you give tips for me to help my master find his true inner master....he wants it so bad...i even tied myself up the other night and he really wasnt sure what to do...can you please advise<br />

Maybe I will find someone like her......

I like that, Nice read. LittleBlondeslut would you like to be my friend?

So what happened to her? Still your slave? Do you see her?

Oh, yes indeed,LBS. I can think of several wonderfully debauched ways to put you through your paces,so to speak:perhaps a double penetration by two largely endowed Black gentlemen while you suck Master off to the sound of my dogwhip slapping your writhing buttocks? Got any other depraved suggestions for your initiation?Something that ends in a groveling hyper-****** for a certain slutty little blonde ? I command you to respond!

Would you like a little blonde **** for a slave girl?