Her First Assignment

She was nervous and excited at the same time. She had started chatting with this guy online and found herself wanting to share more and more about herself to him. She is married, but not finding true fulfillment in her marriage, especially in their sex life. Oh the sex was ok, but she had desires and needs her husband did not understand and did no care to show interest in. She has always had this need to feel and experience being controlled. The idea of being the center of attention of a man, a man who could give her direction, who could dtermine her desires and force her to experience them, a man she could trust and give herself totally to, this idea was so very exciting. And now she had found such a man. One who at first got her to open up completely so that her mind was exposed to him. He knew all her desires and fantasies. And now they were, together, getting ready to explore these very desires. He was giving her her first assignment....
jarinseeking jarinseeking
41-45, M
Dec 2, 2012