Dreams Of A Extremely Short Baby Doll Pixie

Shell I tell you of one who holds the love of my heart,
Late that winter she came into my life, Now I’m a man with a vision of someone special to love, one I have journeyed to find most of my life, A dream I have dreamt of  many nights of her as she has comes from the shadows of my dreams, a touch of beauty deep within’ the shape of her body, the length of her hair It is short all over except the fringe In front it hangs in her eyes, she’s always pushing it aside, Her laughter so filled with such joy, the words that she speaks are always soft and gentle filled with a happiness, how she makes sensual love to me’ in the shadows of the candlelight and when it is over she lies in my arms with her head against my chest, one night she stood by the window as the moonlight shine through, as I rise from the side of the bed asking her softly what troubles you nothing my love I just wish I could be real; like you’ we could be together throughout the day and still show are love in the night as we do, I could be your lady’ you could be my man doing everything together, but I know it’s impossible, It cannot come true; Lately I have began to wonder on a late summer afternoon ‘could this be possible, Could it have happen’, has the dream that I have dreamed for so ‘very long’ has she come to life, has she found a way to walk with me in life; for she offers a love I know that only she Can give; it comes from deep within, we talk and laugh together as I’ve done so many times in my dreams, we have spoke of many things that are hearts desires, then’ just the other day’, speechless I was left as I heard her say’ as we spoke, I wish to be your pixie baby doll, she offers so many things that I  have only dreamed of, the sensual love I have only held at night, and have thought so many times they could never be real, they are just a man’s dreams and desires, but now each day I ask myself has a love I’ve known only at night become real.’ I will admit only to you as she sits before me begging me to take it as it becomes A extremely short baby doll pixie, I tremble within as the long pieces fall to the floor, knowing we will lay together in deep erotic sensual love, have I come to the end of my journey, ‘will you’ make me forget my dreams,………..!    have I……… only you can say……
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Jan 8, 2013