Domination Of Her Pt. 1

He worried that he'd never have this chance. Contractors, kids, the dog, when would the opportunity to TAKE her as HE wanted and she CRAVED present itself?
He sipped his coffee slowly, going over in his mind if this was the time. She wondered secretly if today would be the day. No one was scheduled to come by, and she wanted him to make this happen. Would he grab her by the hair, force her to her knees and show her the FORCEFUL bad boy she knew was inside of him? Would he test her limits? Would he rip every stitch of clothing from her body? She knew he had it in him, and just needed the correct forum to make it all come true.
He walks into the bedroom and she hears nothing. He is quiet, and she wonders if he has cold feet. She hears the bathroom door close and the sound of the shower begin. She shrugs to herself and figures today is not the day. He secretly waits by the door, and knows that any second, she will walk into that bedroom, and the odyssey will begin. He's gone over it all in his mind a thousand times. Over and over. DO THIS, DO THAT, but inside himself, he knows that the best way is to just let it flow, and MAKE her his. Make her the **** for him that he craves. She stands slowly, walking her coffee cup to the sink, stretches and begins to think about what she'll wear today. She walks towards the bedroom, totally unaware of what lays in wait for her within the next 30 seconds.
He hears her come towards the bedroom, and knows that its NOW or NEVER! As her feet cross the bedroom threshold, little does she know that a new adventure will begin in earnest for
them both.
As she steps inside, she turns to shut the door, unaware that he is coming up behind her. As her hand reaches to shut the door, she feels his powerful hand grab her wrist, and roughly turn her to him. Her eyes go wide as he slaps her across the mouth! Her knees go weak, not from pain, but from excitement at the look on his face. Her knees go weak, and the familiar feeling of wetness creeps into her *****. He grabs her throat, and in a LOW yet even tone, commands her, "ON YOUR ******* KNEES, NOW, *****!!!!!!!!" Instinctively, she drops before him and looks at him. Not a trace of emotion registers on his face.
His hands reach out and begin ripping her clothes from her body. His eyes never leaving hers, and a cruel smile crosses his lips. The heat and wetness in her crotch builds, as his forceful hands yank her from side to side as her clothes are torn and tossed. He grabs her throat and commands her to stand. She does, without a second thought. The hot fluids inside her ***** beginning to leak from her and betray her lust of him. This is what she wanted, and needed, and now its happening. She suppresses a smile deep within herself, and yields her body to him with no reservations.
She stands, eyes searching his for the slightest trace of fear in him, but sees none. He stands before her, inches from her face, his breath, the scent of cinnamon. " GET THE TOY BOX, OPEN IT, AND REMOVE YOUR RESTRAINTS, AND BRING THEM TO ME!" "YES SIRE" is all she can manage through a strong yet submissive response. She turns to do as instructed, and a hot sting rips her ***, as his hand powerfully slaps her ***. As she bends to get the basket, his fingers reach around and find her excited, hot nipples, and begin to twist. "STAND STILL, *****." He twists and pulls the flesh of her buds, and her eyes clothes and a deep moan escapes her lips. "IF YOU COME, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED" is all that he says. He pulls and palms, making her nipples stand erect, and the urge to *** rises. She controls herself, and does as instructed.
He moves away from her, watching as she bends once again, and puts the basket on the bed. He moves backwards and sits in the rocking chair, waiting for her to turn to him. His legs crossed, and a cigarette dangling from his lip, he spits out another order, that she instinctively follows. "REMOVE THE RESTRAINTS, THE BUCKLING CLIPS, THE DOOR RESTRAINTS AND THE NIPPLE CLAMPS" "SPEAK ONLY WHEN I SAY YOU MAY" IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Yes SIRE! She quickly removes the objects and places them on the bed. He has not moved from his seat, and she wonders if he has changed his mind.
"YOU'RE THINKING IM GOING TO STOP, AND THAT IVE GOTTEN COLD FEET?" "DONT WORRY, *****, YOURE GOING TO BE DOING ALL I SAY, AND ALL I DESIRE" Once again, the urge to smile strikes her, but she suppresses it. "GET THOSE WRIST AND ANKLE RESTRAINTS HERE TO ME, NOW!!!!" The forcefulness in his voice surprises her. She does as commanded, and gives them to him. He reaches up, grabs her hair, and forces her to her knees, between his open legs. "WRISTS UP!" She presents her wrists to him, and she feels the heat in his palms and fingers, as his hands envelope her wrists. As he straps her into her bonds, he begins to speak. "YOU KNOW CONNIE MARIE, YOUR GOING TO BEGIN A JOURNEY WITH ME TODAY. A JOURNEY THAT WILL TAKE US BOTH PLACES WE NEVER IMAGINED. DON'T MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS! THE ONLY THING THAT STOPPED ME FROM DOING THIS SOONER WAS MY OWN INHIBITIONS. BUT CONNIE MARIE, YOU ARE "MY" **** AND *****, AND THE FEARS I HAD HAVE LONG VANISHED! WHEN I AM THROUGH, THERE WILL BE NO THOUGHTS OF ANYONE OTHER THAN ME!!!!"
Her ***** beginning to spasm at his words, and he smells her arousal. He looks down at her thighs, and sees the moisture. She looks down, knowing that he may think she has *** without his permission. He reaches between her thighs and feels the wetness, pulling his hand out and licking his finger. "LUCKY FOR YOU, THAT'S NOT FROM YOU *******!!!" He forcefully stuffs his fingers in her mouth, holding the back of her head, making her lick her secretions from his fingers. She feels his hands in her hair, as he makes her stand before him. "TURN AROUND, ****. PUT THESE ANKLE RESTRAINTS ON YOURSELF!" She takes them from him, turns, *** to him, and bends over. As she bends, she feels him move and reach for something. When she is in the middle of connecting the first restraint, she feels the warm handle of the riding crop press against her ***** lips. She is bent and wide open to him, and tells her, "DID I ******* TELL YOU TO STOP *****?" She continues to fasten the restraints, and the pressure of the crop handle on her swollen lips increases, as does her lust to be spanked FORCEFULLY.
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Jan 21, 2013