Domination Of Her Pt. 3

He tightens the blindfold, so that she wont see a thing, and as he does, she begins ******* uncontrollably. The ****** is coming in waves, like a crashing on the beach. Her *** presses back against him, and she presses hard to feel him. He steps back and spanks her HARDER than she can ever remember, making the flesh on her *** burn. His hand prints are all over her *** now, and she remembers telling him months before, that she wanted him to mark her. This, unlike the crop strike he gave her, is not in fun, nor a dare, but his own mark that she will carry for a few weeks.
"SPEAK, ****!!!!" You seem to have something to say. "SPEAK NOW, AS IT SEEMS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!" "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY AND ASK FOR, AS IT MAY BRING ON THINGS YOU'VE NEVER IMAGINED I COULD BE CAPEABLE OF!" She opens her mouth, and the filth spews from her lips. "I'm YOUR ****, SIRE!" "Make me the ***** "YOU" want me to be! Make me tremble! Make me EXPLODE!" PLEASE SIRE!!!!!!!! He listens to her, and is not satisfied with her words. "SO, YOU WANT ME TO MARK YOU AS MY VERY OWN, IS THAT RIGHT?!?!?!" "WELL THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!!" MAKE ME "WANT" TO MARK AND MAKE YOU MINE, *****!!!" His words excite her beyond belief. There is something in his tone she's never thought he could do, or was able to handle. "PLEASE SIRE, "YOUR *****/*****" IS BEGGING YOU TO DO TO HER THINGS SHE CRAVES!!!!!" Her words are coming in excited, lustful waves. The urgency in her is rising.
He remembers a note she wrote him, telling him that all the things he had written, were what she needed, what she craVed, what she wanted. He walks away from her and is gone for what seems like hours, when in fact it's only a few moments. She hears the refrigerator door open and close. The sound of ice cubes being dropped in a bowl. She wonders what he has in store for her. She cant take much more of this, before HER frenzy takes over her.
He returns moments later, and she hears the rustling of the toy box. A familiar "CLICK" registers in her brain. It's the "CLICK" of her small sharp knife. He walks to her back, and presses the tip of the knife, mid spine. She moans, knowing that he has listened, learned, and is proceeding with her need. The tip rises up her spine. He moves in close, and whispers, " DONT MOVE A ******* INCH, UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO SLICE YOU THE **** OPEN, *****!!!" Her mind explodes. He is getting more and more forceful, and she loves it, but she will not speak.
The tip of the blade has sat in the ice, and feels like an iceberg on her heated flesh. The tip of the knife is reversed, and he pushes harder, tracing the dull edge into her skin. The pressure is sooooo hot. It begins raising whelps on her back. She feels him tracing something in her skin, but the combination of his new power, her lust, and the unknown, won't allow her to process what he's writing.
"SPEAK TO ME *****!" Tell me what you’re feeling! Her mouth opens, dry, and hot, the need for water is great, but she dare not ask for anything, as she doesn’t want to break the spell he's casting on her mind and body. He gets next to her ear, and bites her earlobe, HARD. She feels a trickle of blood, and that does it. He wipes the trickle on the tip of his finger, and brings it to her mouth. "YOU WANT TO TASTE BLOOD?!?!?!" He roughly pushes his finger past her lips, and she tastes her own blood on his hand. The combination of her lust and the blood sets her off.
"**** YES!!!" "YES, YES, YES SIRE!!!!!!" Make me your little white *****!!! As he presses the knife harder, she feels a warmth on her back, then a moisture, then feels and smells her blood. He has learned well. He has drawn blood and not hurt her. She begins GROWLING and her lust is at fever pitch! She feels a stinging blow, as his free hand assaults her tender ***. He reaches over and grabs her pink *****. Her legs lewdly apart from the spreader bars, he pushes it deep inside her. He holds it by the base, as she shifts her legs slightly to be in the scissor position. He chuckles to himself. He pushes just the head past her lips, and she tries to sink down on the fake ****, but the door restraints keep her from doing so. She's at fever pitch now. The words spew from her mouth, and she is unaware of what she’s saying or doing.
"COME ON!!!!! **** ME WITH THAT DAMN THING, NOW, YOU TORTUROUS BLACK BASTARD!" His eyes go wide. She has no idea what she’s asked for, but she’s about to find out. He pulls the ***** from her and grabs her hair, and yanks her head back to him. Black Bastard, huh?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? YOU ******* ****!!!!! SLAP! Right across her mouth. She is rising to this challenge, and he loves it! THIS, is the woman he CRAVED. THIS is the HOT little ***** he always knew lived deep inside her.
He releases her hands from the door and spins her roughly to face him. She thinks she will be freed, but it is only the beginning. He reattaches her wrists to the door. and yanks off the blindfold. "NOW YOU ******* *** DUMP, YOURE GOING TO BEND TO "MY" WILL!!!!" Her eyes are glazed, and the corners of her lips show a pride and lust he knew she possessed. He turns and grabs a belt. He wraps it around her neck and pulls. Her neck juts to him, and she is inches from his face. "SO LETS SEE HOW WELL YOU HANDLE WHATS NEXT, YOU ******* HEADSTRONG *****!!!!"
He raises the crop half way, and brings it across her left nipple, over the clamp. She trembles and goes weak. Then again over the right one. He turns up the currently full blast now. Her nipples are purple, and she knows that if he takes them off now, the pleasure may be more than she can bear. The crop falls across her nipples 4 to 5 times, and she’s ready to explode.
He lets the belt go slack and steps back. She hears a hiss, then smells the sulphur. Its a match. What the **** could he be doing? She smells wax burning, and now she’s going to *** on her own, no matter what he says or does to her. She feels the air as his hands release the clamps from her aching ****. They are purple now, and if he does what she thinks, she will pass out or lose control of herself. His hand raises and she sees the white candle beginning to tip towards her. Then it hits!!!! The first stinging, pleasurable drop of the heated wax hits her left nipple. She begins convulsing and hiccupping. Her ****** is stronger than ever before. Drop after drop hits her ****, and she’s ******* like a freight train.........
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Jan 21, 2013