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speaking of submissive women...

>>> this isn't my story but a girl wrote it a while back and makes a lot of sense,  I love it, give it a read.  *you might not agree with EVERYTHING though, not that I do either.

I read a lot of blogs and articles in newspapers and magazines, stories by and about women bemoaning the fact that they can't get a man. He doesn't want to commit, he's selfish in bed, blah, blah, blah. I know that you've all see them. Well get a clue ladies. You cant get a man because you aren't being a woman. You aren't looking and acting in such a manner that attracts a real man. Real men want a woman who isn't afraid of her own feminine nature of being vulnerable and submissive to the male spirit. And while we're at it, a woman that takes the time to look her best. A woman that wants a man in her life is going to have to understand that there is never an excuse for not looking your best for him. From head to toe, your aim is to please visually. Take a look at these and honestly, which do you think is going to get the guys attention? Pretty much a no brainer right? and clothes? That lace teddy may not be as comfortable as those flannel pj's but if you want a man in your life, get over it, it's not about your self centered little likes anymore. If you want a man in your life, you'll put him first and you will find the truely feminine pleasure of being pleasing is what every real man seeks in a woman.

Whew! Wen grocery shopping today. I've just got to stop reading the magazines while waiting in line at the checkout.

We'd talked about me becoming his property. We'd talked about marriage and wives as chattle to their husbands. We'd talked about a woman and her status and place as slave and servant. We'd talked about the relinquishing of freedom and rights and of being defined forever as nothing more or less than what he wished of me. And all the while I was submissive and yearning for more and really felt that i was losing myself into being his. And then we got married. We committed. Stood before friends and family and made solemn promises of love and honor and I to obey. Until death do us part. His forever. But all the talking, all the words, all that desire, mean that I was really understanding of what "forever his" really meant.       My introduction of my new life as owned wife was with my clothes. When I moved in to my husbands house and was unpacking my clothes, my husband would take each piece, and say whether I could keep it or not. All my pants and jeans went into the give away pile. Ditto any shoe without at least a three inch heel. Banished were pantyhose, any undies he didn't think sexy, skirts that were too long, blouses that weren't tight enough. I put away all that he had decided to keep in this wonderful walk in closet. When I was done, he said he didn't care for what I was wearing right then, and told me to take them off and put them away as well. I did, and I asked what he wanted me to wear. He handed me a shoe box. These, he told me, would be enough for me to wear for awhile. I opened the box and there were a pair of black patent heels. They'd a five inch spiked heel and a ankle strap that had a little heart shaped padlock that closed it. I put them on and my husband clicked the little locks. My highest heels were four inch and when I did wear heels, they were usually three inch. so I was a little teetery on those shoes. My husband then pulled close the closet door and again taking out his keys, locked the door. As I stood there, naked but for a pair of heels I could barely walk in and couldn't get out of, it was that moment when it clicked for me, that I'd not only been physically ********, but my nakedness and the hobbling nature of the shoes I was locked into, were metaphor to what my life was now become. My husband held all my choices for me, not for just that day, but the next day and the day after, and all the days after.       From that day to this, I have learned and come to accept that what my husband decides for me. Being his property, he gets to choose what pleases him. My choice is to be happy to please him and I am.  

I was thinking about my last post and how my husband uses me for sex. When we were first married, he kept me naked most of the time and would have me a half dozen times a day. I would be running the vacuum and then next thing I would know I be bent over the back of the couch or washing the dishes, being interrupted with his need to have me orally service him. I loved being kept on a leash, ready for sex.

With the birth of our first child,things have changed. I wear a dress now, though I'm still kept naked beneath or wearing butt plug or ***** harness. My husbands use of me is now a bit furtive, doors are now closed to curious little eyes, a drive to the store alone with him means a stop in a secluded spot. I miss the spontaneity and openness, but now there is the "might get caught" kind of kink that has added something new. Being a submissive and being a mom is a balancing act. My husband is really good at keeping me on edge, of building up the sexual tension over the course of the day until I am nuts with want and need. I wonder as my new son suckles at my breast, can he sense my bodies state of sexual excitement from the latex panties with the six inch ***** that my husband has me wearing today? Is my toddler daughter somewhere aware of the sent of sex on me because while she napped her father did me doggy style on the floor of his office?

As the kids grow and become more aware, sex is going to be a more problematic situation for us. As they get older it will easier to leave them with my parents for an occasional weekend get away. I'm looking forward to when they get to school age and then for hours a day I can be the naked sex slave again.

I have begun every morning of my married life, with rare exception, no my knees with my husbands **** in my mouth. As his wife, he has dominion over my body and can demand of it sexual gratification when ever and where ever he wants and as his wife I dutifully and joyfully, obey. Coming into the marriage, I was young, and inexperienced and while not ignorant, I was pretty naive. The morning ritual of me on my knees, hands behind me, my husband standing and taking me by the head and hair and using my mouth, was the beginning of my training in sexual submission. And this morning ritual remains today a daily reminder of my place and role as woman and wife.

I see in discussion groups from time to time the ever ingoing debate of what is a slave and what is a submissive and how can you tell, and on and on and on. If you are a woman, then you are submissive by nature. You may not know it, it might have been brain washed out of you, but if you have a vagina and breasts, you are submissive. In an ideal world, women would be again what they once were, and that is property. A girl first belongs to their father and then becomes the property to whomever man her father decides.  Women as property are freed from choice. Is this slavery? Can she be bought and sold? Are not women bought and sold every day in society now? And which is more demeaning, to be bought by a man who prizes a valuable possession that he will care for, or auction oneself off as a consumer good to be used and discarded? Marriage is too frivolous now, it too has become part of the throw away ethos we live in. Better off am I to wear the collar and tags of my husband and owner. What is the nature of a submissive woman’s love for the man that owns her? The modern love story is one of angst and ecstasy, highs and lows, culminating in a marriage that turns into the clichéd battle of the sexes that is the fodder of every sit-com. That is so wrong and so unnecessary.    In the natural order of things, a woman not only defers and submits to the superior man, but worships and adores men, for they are her protector and provider. When a man takes a woman as his property (wife), he becomes the embodiment of all men for her and the absolute object of her devotion to male benevolence. When a girl has a “crush” on a boy, it is the primal need to near and serve a male. Where things go astray, is that we as a society have allowed the girl to think that she has a choice, that some how she can pick and choose, accept or reject, as if she has some kind of inherent power and control. It is sad that our families have gotten so broken that fathers, not only do not control their wives, but do not control their daughters. Daughters, like wives, were for most of history, the property of their fathers. Girls were taught how to become good wives by emulating and assisting their mother in revering their father and serving him and his sons. It was the father who made the choice of husband and the wedding was the formal rite of transfer of ownership, when the father gave his daughter away. Never forgetting her father, the bride now has her husband as her object of total adoration and gratitude for she now belongs to a man.   Men love their wives, but in ways that are unimaginable to women. We know their love by their kindnesses and their caring for us. We know their love in the discipline and order that they bring into our messy female brains so that we can behave in a manner that brings honor to them. We know that our husbands love us by their taking all the responsibility of making choices for us. A man’s love for his wife is such that it frees her to devote herself totally to his service. For a woman, love is when her every act is a devotion of service to her husband.

What are women and what is there place? For most of human history, females were correctly seen as the weaker sex, kept and protected by men. For thousands of years, because we women were known to be mentally incapable of dealing with the the world, were were best off as the property of men, first as daughters and then as wives. Understanding the inferiority of our sex, we were happy and grateful to be the servants to our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, and brought up our daughters to be respectful, faithful and obedient and were proud and grateful when their fathers gave or sold them as wives to men who would go on caring and protecting them.

We have strayed for this nature order and the world is poorer for it. When I look past those friends who live as I do, into the larger world of feral women, of women who think (!) that they can and have the right to make their own decisions, all I see are angst ridden and confused women, who have either little sense of self and no real happiness.

A woman can only be happy when she is the property of a man. When she is owned, she doesn't need to think, for her owner will make all the decisions that will effect her and as such, she is free to fully inhabit her own feminine energy The feminine psyche is submissive, desirous to be being pleasing but is undisciplined, and so we need our controlling males firm hand to impose order and structure on us and teach us obedience.

I am the chattel wife of my husband and I have been his property ever since my father gave me away to him at our wedding, eight years ago. As his wife, my husband makes all the decisions that effect me and his word on any subject is final. I grew up in a traditional home, so do I believe that men are by nature superior and that a woman’s place is in service to her husband. I try my very best to be the dutiful, respectful, and obedient wife.

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This is awsome! Even though this is a treatise on the mind and attitude of a woman. The writer must also take a stance on the men of today. It takes a strong and unselfish man to be a proper master. Punishment is used, primarily as a teaching tool. Too many men want the submissive wife, but they do not really know the responsibility of being a true master of his home.

I agree with being submissive to your mate, but this is overboard in my opinion. He still needs to respect you.

I agree with most of things.. Its a very beautiful way of living by offering yourself to a man and letting him have you the way it fits better for his satisfaction and way of thinking.. :) I really enjoy being and living this way.. True happiness occurs with this lifestyle

This post is older but since there are still people responding to this I will leave my two cents.I could write a book about all the things wrong with this post, but I am going to concentrate on a few things. Apparently all women are submissive, inferior to men and want to be property of men. I think I missed that boat. Where does this woman get off concluding such a generalization? I don't see any polls, any statics, any scientific or biological proof. First rule of science. If you are going to argue something is biologically innate then be able to prove. Show me where in our biology its engrained? Show me stats? Show me psychological and neurological patterns? Show me something. And then show that it applies to every single woman ever born. But you can't do even one of those things so do not take your subjective observations of your psyche and impose it on everyone else's. I'm not saying how you live your life is wrong. If it makes you happy all the more power to you. You can believe you are inferior to your husband all you want but I am inferior to no man (or woman). Think about what you write and put out there next time. By writing about how women are property of men and they can discipline their women whenever they displease them, you are not only validating every abusive relationship, you are encouraging it.

I do not disagree with your chosen lifestyle. It's beautiful that you have found the road to your happiness. However, you are lacking in historical knowledge. Prior to 3500 BC the entire planet was devoted to matriarchy. Mother centered and mother created. After 3500 BC when the Kurgan came on horseback and conquered the matriarchies by force, they established Patriarchal controls. Education and prosperity are enemies to patriarchies which perpetuate the myth of male domination of females via ignorance and subjugation. Go to the library and learn more of ancient history before you say that it's natural for women to submit to men. Femdom (bisexual) is where it's at for me.

Why would any woman want to get married if THIS was the kind of life she would have to look forward too????
I'd much rather be single and FREE.
Thankfully most men want a partner, companion and lover rather than some mindless slave.

Power exchange isn't mindless, it's actually highly erotic. And you can't do it without complete trust, which takes a lot of time and careful communication

I'm not speaking out against BDSM. I'm certain it can be highly erotic and mutually pleasing to both consenting adults.
I worry though that certain folks may consider spousal abuse as legitimate.

I read something on Huffington post about people who enjoy bdsm (I'm not one of them) which pointed out the rationale that they are the best adjusted people of all, because they know exactly what they want

i am a submissive mom, WHO ignored her status as a subslave for years
how i start really suffering wearing my jeans, although while being in church with my child
is it ok to go to mäss from now on without panty and short skirt?
i am sure God wants me Thierse wär
but i am not sure, how short the skirt should be in church to Show him that i accept being a subslave, without harming my child

I'm not a religious person by any means, but everything about getting your sexual jollies in a church screams to me as being disrespectful to other worshippers, and not a good example for a child. Being a subslave should be strictly between you and your master

Yes, Showatt, women ARE physically weaker than men WHICH IS THE REASON men should defer to women.

I absolutely love being submissive to my husband. I think more women should be.

He is at work today on a Saturday to provide for us. And I'm at home. The chores are done. Now I'm reading blogs like this to find more ways to please him. Get new ideas to satisfy him.

I love giving into submissive sex. When he gets home ill get in trouble if I still have clothes on. He will call me names. "What a dumb *****! You know what time ill be home. Take your xxxxxx clothes off" truth is. I like being in a little trouble with him. His dominance turns me on. He gets mad. Not role playing. He truly gets mad. He will force me face down on the bed. His forearm across my back holding me in place. "Spread your xxx". I'm scared. I don't know how rough he'll be. I don't know if I'll get lube. But I can't wait. I know he'll take me how he wants me. I want him to. I want to be his *** ****. His sex puppet. He will pound me repeatedly. Aggressively. Sometimes it hurts so bad ill have tears running down my face.
When he **** though, that's when I know I've done good. I've been a good girl. I've pleased him.
If he's no longer mad at me, he'll give me the choice of where I want the ***. If I'm still in trouble. He may Call me a dirty *****. *** on my face and humiliate me. Take photos to show me. To remind me. He controls this. He controls me.

This is our normal but you wouldn't know it if you met us on the street.
We will be fine dining. He'll order my wine. Pull out my chair. Laugh with friends. Walk me to the truck. Open my door. Then, put his hand over my mouth and his xxxx in my xxx!

Oh how I love this man!!

Wow, he totally would turn me off but different strokes for different folks right?

My man is very loving and sweet to me and that is what turns me on, he wouldn't dare call me degrading names. He would be dropped so fast from my life he wouldn't know what hit him if he did lol.
People are so very different.

I could see this type of scenario for a 'scene' to pep things up a bit but nobody could live as 'extreme' as this 24/7. Real life DD is very mild most of the time

I agree.
This truly seems abusive to me unless done for a scene.
I mean no offence to this lady but this does seem more fantasy than reality.

gumshoejane, I'm not sure a woman actually wrote this. It reads like a male fantasy. No one could like having their anus entered w/o lube. And no lover would would want a partner to have fun in bed.

That is like saying no one could enjoy getting severly whipped and yet, many do.

Pain maybe - but the shame of being whacked for good reason is awful

There are some who want to feel that awful shame.
Go ask them why, but they do.


Plus, who'd want a woman in a lace teddy when they can have me in my dead sexy fleecy jim-jams and knitted bedsocks? It's so easy to get them off

Haha! Damselfly!

They did not necessarily do these things 24/7 but the 24/7 means that it could be done at any time.
There is no such thing in such a case as 'setting up a date and time'.
And plenty of men would gladly wait the extra time to see the lace teddy come off as opposed to knitted bedsocks which I for one would not think was sexy at all.

I cannot believe you don't think knitted bedsocks are sexy. If you saw me in mine you wouldn't be able to control yourself. Even if you were gay

You'd have to look like my ideal woman, which is very different from what most people claim to think of as beautiful.
Even if you did, it would be your beauty I liked, in spite of the knitted bedsocks, not because of them.
Or, they'd have to be magic.

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Wow, some of this is strong stuf. Some I can relate to. Hubby chooses my clothes, where we go, etc. My job is keeping the house tidy and looking after the kids. I am learning to be submissive to him and haver never refused his advances.

Okay, I feel conflicted. I love a guy who takes charge and is dominant. But for me to bend to his will in EVERYTHING? Like my own clothes and stuff? Idk that seems a bit strict for me.

I can accept a man choosing what his woman wears when they go out together and choosing how she wears her hair because men are fragile beings forever needing the approval and envy of other men. THIS, I believe IS biology. But seriously? Sex is one of the "happys" a man OWES his wife. Why else would you surrender if not for gi-nor-mus *******

Those who hate this experience, and say how terrible it is, will on the flip-side have nothing to say against a man who puts up a experience that is the reverse of this whee he says that he is totally obedient to his woman and that all men should serve and obey women.<br />
I have heard of women who act as babysitters and who have actually said that they have sexually abused some of the boys they were baby sitting to indoctrinate them into being submissive to a "superior woman" .<br />
They said the have done this carefully and only in certain situations where they were sure they would not get caught but they have told others of like mind to spread the idea.<br />
I have heard that in Japan, the media has all the male models as super thin, small, and weak looking, while the females look more powerful and stronger, to promote the idea of female superiority even though the don't outright, call it that. <br />
In American movies most of the new tough roles and all the new superheros that have been created in the modern era are female Examples: My Super Ex Girlfriend, Kill Bill, The Hunger Games (where the star and seemingly toughest person is the female star) the Remake of the Battlestar Galacta series where they turned the main an bets pilot and toughest warrior into a girl when in the original series he had been a boy.<br />
They hate this experience because it goes against the societal brainwashing they are implementing in education and politics and the media and mass marketing, to turn males into everything they say they are against woman being turned into. <br />
This is the hypocrisy and misandry of the dishonest, feminist movement.

This is a sexuality story and nothing whatever to do with feminism

Then why were you and Gumshoe complaining about how 'abusive' it supposedly is?
If it was just sexuality and nothing else then you were either turned on or not and if not, you should have just passed it buy without complaining about and trying to dampen the enjoyment of it for others.

I'm not claiming it's abusive. I live in a DD relationship all the time and have done for decades so i know it isn't.

But you did say no one can live "that extreme 24/7" but you can't speak for others, only yourself, and when Gumshoe said in response to a comment of yours that it was abusive you did not respond to her that it was not abusive which looks like you were agreeing with her about that.


The advantage of life;
You sure seem to be patrolling around here.
News flash! You don't get to tell us how to think or what to write! Kindly stuff it!

Gumshoe, my responding here, days (or longer) later, to others like you who are there, Jane on the spot, the same day or the next day is hardly me being the one "patroling" here.

It's more like you being the one doing it.
Newsflash yourself, I have every right to comment here just like you do, and unlike you I am not the one ccoming here to bash and lie about other cconsensual llifestyles with fake phony claims of abuse
So take your hypocrisy and YOU "kindly stuff it!"

I have NOT lied about any abuse. I resent your accusation advantage of life.

You said this story is one of abuse, didn't you?
Where is your proof?

Oh wow!
How can anyone read this story and conclude anything other than abuse!?
She talks about women being the property of men, of needing to be kept in their place ect.
Unless a couple is in agreement and wants to live a BDSM lifestyle where there is a safe word and the woman is masochistic then this is abuse.
I wouldn't put up with this nonsense for a minute.
Why misogynists like you still exist in this modern age stuns me.
By the way I would bet my last 10 pay checks that Khunt is a man living put his sick woman hating fantasy here. It's repulsive.

Living out his woman hating fantasy here.

And I have personally known women who would envy and wish to take the place of the one in this story.
And if you watch the show Gangland the episode about the Pagans motorcycle gang you will see documented police evidence of women flocking to be the abused property of these gang members who beat them anytime they want and sometimes kill them.
so there is a good chance this story is true no matter how much you want to believe otherwise.

So because she says that is her opinion and how she wants to live and is happy, that supposedly makes it abuse.
There are plenty of men who are just as totally submissive to women and they too have no "safewords
like I said you and other hypocritical misandrists simply can't stand the fact that not every woman buys into your man hating feminine lies. ts

@advantage - I mean it too. It is completely impossible for anyone who has the capacity and will to write about it, to live a life so extreme 24/7. Even someone on hypnotic drugs couldn't do it. People have moods and emotions and they constantly flow

The reason there are movies with strong women is because girls NEED strong role models. If it is so "normal" for women to be "slaves" then why does sub-culture in this country and culture in some others have to ram it down their throats??? Now, if one says to me that she lets her husbands make all the choices and I know her and she has the signs and aura of happiness, then she has chosen well. And if a man is a house husband and he is a wonderful at child care, then he has chosen well. But to say that women are "naturally" slaves is so bogus. In the Jewish religion, an animal to be slaughtered is to be treated well all of its life and then killed quickly, fearing no fear. If everything else has been done correctly, but the animal shows fear at his impending death, the animal is no longer kosher. It is GOD's intent that all creation honor him. It is not honorable to take away free-will.

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YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO I DESPISE... I am a submissive (and trained as it), but it doesn't mean that I believe men are more superior to women. I have had women dominate me also. You not having a voice in your OWN HOME is not being a submissive, it's being abused! I pity how your child is going to grow up and can predict that if your child is a boy, he will treat women as you have so despicably described, and if your child is a girl, she will believe that she is inferior to men is normal. There is one thing to have fun with your husband and be playfully submissive and quite another to actually believe that YOU are inferior. SHAME ON YOU. I HATE that you have children because your children are ****** having you as a parent.

No, this is just erotica. Nobody actually lives like this full time. I'll bet this couple/family is perfectly conventional really

What exactly do you think they saying they "are doing full time" that is so impossible?

As this author has astutely pointed out, as the lies and stupidity of Contemporary feminism have made their way into out society, that same society has been plagued with broken families, soaring divorce, and the abuse of our children. The same feminists have encouraged legislation "to protect families", (child support) which in fact promotes incentives to break up families, making mothers of young children targets of the worst examples of Manliness. The best examples of Manhood are of course punished. Many of our societies greatest issues would be resolved simply by acknowledging and promoting the natural biological needs and roles of gender in our everyday lives and legislative efforts.

there is nothing stupid with contemporary feminism. this lifestyle is naive. I mean what happens if he dies? yes she gets some money, but she won't have saved for her retirement and she won't get his. it is irresonsible to her and her kids. and since she thinks it is a good idea to wear high heels all the time she'll have ugly feet. who wants to **** that?

divorce is only a response because most people actually don't love for life and also love does not conquers all. the fact that women have been able to say that enough is enough is a true blessing. and divorce is nothing tragic as long as both parents are responsible and loves there kids. and I'd say I know from experience that divorce is not as bad as it seems.

there is nothing wrong with being submissive, but to inforce it in every way of your life seems rather naive to me. it's like investing in the American bond market.

She never said or suggested anything about being beaten, let alone crippled.
how come you don't go to experiences where a man said he is owned like this and complain about him selling his a outto the Devil and being cripple dc expecially wh r notwomen advertise on personal ads that they want men wwho'sfaces they can ba X hasin like I saw a few months ago on Craigs list. And that was not the first one from a woman, that I have seen.

My last post would not post properly no matter how many times I tried correcting it.
but the point is the feminist double standard that says a woman should have free choice unless that cchoice is to submit "totaly" to a man just as some men submit totally to woman who actually DO want to beat and abuse the men who submit to them and who are never so viciously bashed and lied about as the submissive women, are.

I believe that this way of life is the true order of way things should be, this is the ultimate expression of testosterone and esterogen. Maybe if all you who oppose this lifestyle actually tried it you might actually embrace this way of life you don't have to take the full plunge into being a slave but for a woman to serve a loving husband and fulfill his needs you will ultimately be fulfilling your own needs too. All I am saying is don't knock it until you try it if a man oversteps his boundaries and makes you feel worthless or abuses his dominance over a woman to make her unhappy then I agree a woman should be able to speak her mind and leave any unhappy relationship as some men will abuse this power. Society has been brainwashed to think that this way of life is a sign of weakness being a submissive does not mean that men or women do not have equal rights it's a lifestyle choice. If a woman decides to run her own business and run for president I'm all for that because she does have a brain deserves a career but at home in their relationship a woman should serve her man it does not make you a weak person to submit to your man maybe if you actually tried this way of life using baby steps who knows how far the rabbit hole goes and how much you may actually enjoy this way of life. I don't agree with involving your children in this way of life but if they are oblivious then nobody has the right to suggest any subservient wife is a bad mother. All I'm saying is don't knock it until you try it any loving husband would not do anything to harm or hurt you but give it a try u might actually enjoy it.

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Utter rubbish! This lady is only trying to allure herself into believing she hasn't completely wasted nearly a decade of freedom on a selfish, disrespectful pig. Morons.

Utter rubbish! This lady is only trying to allure herself into believing she hasn't completely wasted nearly a decade of freedom on a selfish, disrespectful pig. Morons.

i read this article, the lady reminds me of my own woman, i can't speak for others or their relationships, but for us it's very natural, i know everything about my woman, she knows everything about me, i know what she wants and has to give, she knows what i want and have to give, i love and adore her, i would never look at another, i am as devoted to her as she is me, we would never reveal how we live to anyone else because of the stigma, the misconceptions, the link with bdsm and abuse, we are not into all that "Master" "slave" stuff although i know it has it's place,but that life seems calculated and sterile to us, we simply live as our natures dictate, she's mine, and yes, i use her for sex whenever i want, but it's what she wants too, and let it not be assumed that i'm not considerate of how she feels, always, it's my job, i work hard to keep her safe, cared for, loved, warm and happy, our need for each other can only be understood by others that have the same, my woman is not a submissive woman, there's no such thing, she is free thinking, strong, smart, free to do as she pleases, i'm lucky that one of the things she chooses is to please me, she's a wonderful mother, a beautiful friend, she's not a submissive woman, she's just a woman, she's mine,and she wants to be.

From a guy perspective, for so long I was taught to respect women in a way that encouraged guys to give the woman authority or at the least equality. Because of this I valued myself as a sort of submissive, but the word never stuck to me as it should. I remember one time I was given a promotion at work, and the feel of being the man in charge felt exhilarating! I had two female workers underneath me, and at initially it was amazing. I gave the command, and cheerfully they would oblige. Now I work under a female boss, and honestly it's suffocating. After so much talk of equality, I am beginning to slowly realize that what I seek is to feel like the master of my domain. I like to give the command and watch with a swelling happiness as the task is carried out. But aside from the women, I blame the men as well for not leaving behind a better legacy for men growing up. Many men are now raised by their mothers, and usually bring the male up the best way they can...submissive. Whereas, unknown to the art of being submissive, I believe that is why men may get used the way they do today. My opinion aside, thank you for this story. I want to just post this story everywhere! It really cleared some things up with me, and opened up doors I closed because I felt it improper to be the boss over a woman in a masterful way. Now if only I could get into a group, or with a group of guys that encourage a loving way to be dominate and show authority and decissiveness. And if any subs can give an idea on what a guy could do to be more dominant, I would love to hear it. Especially for shy guys. Thank you again for this story and thoughtful experience.

no but he can train me by those means or teach another master to train me

the story is good but there is a lot of natural male subs who would happily look after the mistress(wife) keep house,cook and take care of sexual requirements

There is no such thing as a natural male sub, it is a mental illness for a male to act in such a manner...

tomYX, in MY culture it is believed that EVERYONE has free will. You don't think there's such a thing as a "natural male sub" ? Tell me, what makes for an "unnatural male sub"? Is it that he has a friend/partner who wants to be a Som, so he starts being submissive to please him/her?

there is no mental illness and there is no difference between men and women except for the fact that they have different things in their pants

To one who actually believes that males are "naturally" dominant and women are "naturally" submissive, how can you believe that there are only TWO personalities in the world? It's like saying one race (one skin color, one nationality) is "naturally" supposed to be ruler over all! Get your head out of dark ages, please do.

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I was always a head strong woman. I fought with my husband and we divorced. Since then, I met a man who believes in submissive women He has taught me to be submissive and after years, I have finally seen the peace and beauty in this kind of relationship. We are married now and like the author says, he makes all the decisions, and I am free to serve him and our children and home. My life has never been so peaceful and I am very much in love with him and our lifestyle. He does not abuse me, but he does discipline me and I see that I do need that. I have grown to be a better person. I only wish more women would just consider this and maybe they too could find the peaceful and beautiful lifestyle I and this author have found.

I liked this author and her experiences are thought provoking. I wanted to leave a comment, not to necissarily to disagree with the author, but to present another veiwpoint and incourage a conversation.I am a female sub and I am natural subimissive, but I do not believe all females are. There are as many male subs as females and female doms as male. To pigion hole anyone into a role or lifestyle, seems to diminish our differences. I do not think that this lifestyle is suited to everyone, it can take alot of grounding and self knowledge to keep these sort of relationships safe, sane and consensual. To imply that women should be submissive to all men seems to leave the women open for abuse.I am completely devoted to my Master but I am also completely capable of looking after myself and making my own decisions. My career and my life were going well before I met Him. I give this decision making power by choice to my Master and the one choice I still have is to take it back from Him. I do not believe my Master to be superiour to me, nor any man, women or thing on this earth. We all have our different roles in life, and this is mine, and that is His, one cannot exist without the other, so we are symbiotic niether is superior to another. I do believe that He has earnt my trust and devotion and rightfully owns me, I have a duty to Him, but he also has one to me.This is my thourghts on consual slavery, I welcome any reply

There is something very exciting and erotic about a submissive woman... Very insightful story! My gf of years has a submissive nature sexually but outside the bedroom can be a different story.... We have found allowing her to explore to the fullest her submissive sexual desires has matured us as a couple... The ride to understanding our sexual desires is simply amazing! Thanks again for sharing your experience jordanxoxo!

I don't now who wrote that narrative but I would love to be in that relationship. I tried to give the father of my children that role of dominance but he didn't understand his role and he became abusive towards me.<br />
<br />
For years, I have belived that "women's lib" was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to women. I thought that when I was in high school. I believe it more now than I did then. <br />
<br />
I have worked in a male dominated technical area for 17 years and have never liked the role that was forced upon me - to be the dominant, ball busting *****.... It did not and does not suit me; never has. When I wore clothes that were flattering, the men assumed I was trying to screw my way up the corporate ladder. Not so; I was just expressing myself as a woman. <br />
<br />
My compliments to the author.

You know, many woman are naturally submissive, its just that they don't realize it and they've been fed those garbage they see on television and in movies.<br />
<br />
true love only works when one is submitting to the other completely, let it be male sub to a dominatrix or a female sub to a dom. Only in the lifestyle can one truly understand the meaning of <br />
<br />
"two can be completed without the rest of the world."

I dont agree some of the point she's saying, but for the most part she's right though<br />
<br />
women ARE physically weaker than man, unless they train themselves hard. And even if they do they'll never win against men who went through the same training.<br />
<br />
You know, many woman are naturally submissive, its just that they don't realize it and they've been fed those garbage they see on television and in movies.<br />
<br />
true love only works when one is submitting to the other completely, let it be male sub to a dominatrix or a female sub to a dom. Only in the lifestyle can one truly understand the meaning of <br />
<br />
"two can be completed without the rest of the world."

This woman truly understands.

What do you think about ciber submission?<br />
Does it really work?

a submissive women is hard to find.. it sounds like this one is very well trained.. and very happy with her life.

a submissive women is hard to find.. it sounds like this one is very well trained.. and very happy with her life.