Guys, Women Are Naturally Submissive.

 I will say this for now, since I have to go to bed. I just read the post by "Jordanxoxo" "You Must Have Trained This Woman". WOW... that is how I've felt my whole life.

I am a "master" and I train "slaves" and have had six official slaves since about 6 years ago, and have always been dominant over my girlfriends.

After reading this article it really hit me hard.. I have been forever telling people that all women are naturally submissive and would LOVE to be slaves, but they have psychological reasons why they don't let themselves go. I always knew that ALL men would love to be dominant, if they could take that leap of courage.

I personally have taken women who consider themselves "equal" to men and have asked them to submit to me, and act as my slave, and every one of them has loved it to death, once they let themselves go. Specifically, they mention they have the best ******* of their lives.


Yes guys, for those of you that aren't sure yet or wondering, women are naturally submissive and men should be dominant. It take some courage but the relationships from a Master/slave relationship are so fulfilling.


My two cents. Look me up on Collarme I am martialartsway. I also usually have ads up on Craig's List "Looking for my new slave" - is where I find girls that are already accepting of this fact.


Thanks for this website, have a nice rest of the day.


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I don't think that you should base every woman's opinion just by what your "girlfriends" think. I mean, ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE A ENSLAVED HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS. You're probably one of those creeps who needs to have power over other people in order to have some self-confidence. I should write about my experience reading this, and how much I wanted to throw up. Your slaves have serious psychological problems. And You do probably do, too.

bull ****

hmm.. do u prefer slaves instead?

Okay I believe woman tend to be more submissive, while males tend to be more dominant. But there seem to be some very happy submissive men and dominant women out there too. Just to clear things up.

okay lets step back here ...... everybody has their submissive monents at times , and I mean everybody ,remember we are human . <br />
And no woman are not all naturally submissive just like all men are not dominant .<br />
I have been in this lifestyle for over 25 years and some of the submissive woman I know are cut throat business people . So no you just cant go around putting a lable on people .<br />
Rastaban...thank you ...there is a very big diffrence between a Dom /submissive and a Master/slave <br />
Lot to learn here !!!!

I think many women may be naturally submissive (with the right man) but not all. Also, there is a difference between being a submissive and being a slave. In being a submissive, it's perfectly natural for a woman to wish to set boundaries and limits that work best for her. A slave doesn't have boundaries.

How do you weed out the real and sincere replies, from the fakes and pla<x>yers?

ya..i agree

Fu*ck this I am NOT submissive, I would HATE a man to dominate me, its disgusts me and I would never want to be a *****, I want people to cook and clean for ME

U speak the true !!

Entirely true, Sir. Females are inherently submissive while men are inherently dominant. It is only the warped mores of society that have reversed and bastardised the original roles of each of the sexes to what we see today, where females are left to live lives never fulfilled either sexually or personally in their lives, when in truth, by all logical standards, they could have both fulfillments if they could understand their greatest purpose... to submit and to be found pleasing, to and for men. <br />
<br />
It is their actual brain patterns that differ and determine their submission be inherent. It is the same with men. Therefore, the only thing truly equal between the sexes is that they each have a brain's communication pattern that is entirely different, one from the other, which determines infallibly that one is inherently submissive, the other inherently dominant. <br />
<br />
I've very much enjoyed reading your words here, and thank you for putting them where I could take them in:)

Hmm I see your point on this. And think I agree. You should send me an email at

I agree that I am submissive and that there are a lot fo women who are as well, but I don't necessarily think it would work for everyone. I also hate the words master and slave because I feel it is so derogatory. I am sub, but I am not a slave. I refuse to ever call my guy "master"....Sir, yes, but not Master. Even with Sir, I don't think it needs to be said all the time. There are specifc moments when it is needed, but otherwise it should be a relationship like every other relationship where both people love each other and respect each other and have fun together.