I'm A Newbie Sub And I'm Eager To Learn...

but Master is often busy with work and hasn't really had time to train me.  How do i ask Him for more?  i don't know anything at all about living a D/s relationship -- only that that is what i want.  i would love if Master would put the training collar on me and tell me what i need to do in order to better myself as a submissive.  Can anyone help me?  How do i approach my Master about this?  Recently when we are together, its very "vanilla" and i don't want that, but i don't want to say no to Master either.

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I agree with all of the posters here, espacialy MysticDom. <br />
You need to take a step back and really learn about what it is you are getting into. If your Master isn't taking time to train you, that will lead to very serious emotional and (if you are into pain) physical dangers.<br />
Do a LOT of research before you agree to being anyone's submissive or slave. There are a lot of good websites out there that can tell you what the lifestyle is all about and how to get into it safely.<br />
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I hope all is well with you.

I have been a Master for many years, have trained many sub women and submissive couples, several of the submissive women I trained for myself. The others I have trained for other Doms who either didn't have the time to train them or didn't know how to train a submissive woman. <br />
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I mean no disrespect when I say this, but if you have a Master (you never said for how long) and you know nothing about a D/s relationships, and I quote " i don't know anything at all about living a D/s relationship -- only that that is what i want." Then I suggest you seek a Master who is knowledgeable and WILLING to train you, or since he has not the time to train you, then he should hire another Master to have you properly trained.<br />
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However, I feel there are more issues that needs to be addressed in your situation. It seems as if you never negotiated what is to be expected of each other. <br />
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As a fresh submissive entering into the BDSM/D/s LifeStyle I feel it is my responsibility as a Master, to advise you to be careful about how you choose "your" Dom. There are tons of people out there in the real world and online who call themselves Master/Mistress, Doms and has no clue what they are doing. <br />
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That's not the sad part. The sad part is, a lot of those self proclaimed Doms, are the ones who for some reason have first contact with the new submissive, who eager to learn about the life style. <br />
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The new sub then becomes frustrated because these self proclaimed Doms are trying to wing it and in most cases makes a spectacle of themselves. The subbie then walks away from the Dom and sometimes the life style with a very negative view on Doms, and the life style in general. This happens a lot, so just be careful about the Dom you choose....!