I'd Call It "sharing Submissive Experience"

Yes, I really enjoy the presence of a submissive woman. It is not the "training" part that makes my excitement bigger, it is more a willingness of a woman to submit to me and go through what I have in mind for her. "Training" can be just a cover word for that. I had few of my former girlfriends spend the whole evening at my place completely naked, if it was between May and October (the reason being better weather) - I used to call that a training even though they didn't need to be trained in that. However, it did emphasize their submissiveness. It was really enjoyable to have an aroused girl (naked in her boyfriend's house - quite natural I'd say) near me and watch "Friends" for example or, even better, have dinner together (a situation in which my girl made and baked pizza, and the second she got it out of the oven I ordered her to take all of her clothes for the rest of the evening - and that's how she had her meal, even though food wasn't really the first thing on her mind anymore).

It is not necessarily the training that is exciting; it is your firm will that has a sub do something you want her to do, and the persistence in it, that has the most effect on a girl. That's what I liked the most.

Just a little thing of mine... I always preferred my girls barefoot - so I had them always wear shoes (sandals, boots, etc) on bare feet between May and October - never needed to train a girl for that.

And the real training has it's benefits too. I did train women to endure hogtie longer, or to bring their elbows closer in bondage, or to walk on their toes with ankles tied together, or to postpone the forced ******... Those were real trainings.
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I have searched for the community, perhaps for someone to train me. In life, I am pretty much a strong woman, but in private there is nothing I want more than to submit to my man. I do it on a much smaller scale in my relationships, but I have never had the pleasure of doing it this way. And this IS what I want. I would love to gather information on EXACTLY where to find them so I can have my very own personal DOM.

I hooked up with a master & his slave in my local BDSM community and took both classes (plus ****** Training, which takes several months but I also recommend highly!) from them one-on-one and in person, although I guess you could try it online. For maximum effectiveness it would be best if you went to them or they came to you -- and more exciting & fun as well!<br />
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There are domination lifestyle social networks & websites where you can find a trainer and read about what they offer and on what terms. Or just use Google. There are several who travel from city to city giving classes & demonstrations & seminars. If they have been doing this for more than a year you will probably be in good hands. But any experienced master may be able & willing to train you.<br />
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You may not want to get that involved (the training is <i>extremely</i> intimate when done right!) with someone who lives near you. But if that's OK, check out your fetish/swinger/whatever community in your area's adult newspaper (every city has one these days but you may have to drive to the sleazy part of town to pick up one for free!) -- perhaps you will get lucky like I did and find someone local. <br />
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Check them out thoroughly, they should be willing to give you several references to women like yourself whom you can talk to about them. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about their goals & methods & results. I know it's called submission but this kind of submission is done by choice and that takes discipline & practice & reflection.<br />
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You are looking for someone who wants to build you up and make you stronger and more in control of yourself and show you how to enjoy everything you are capable of doing (or enduring or giving or whatever) -- not someone seeking to break your spirit or make you weaker or force you to comply against your will.<br />
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As for your husband, he may want to be trained to be a better master. Perhaps you can find someone who will train both of you together.<br />
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Good luck and let me know how it is going. I'd like it if you (or anyone) will write to me about your BDSM experiences & goals. If you are determined enough you can teach yourself a lot about submission. Share your current situation with me and I may be able to give you several naughty challenges & exercises & ideas to help you do that.

Where did you learn submissiveness training? I am strong willed too and I need this. My husband won't let another man touch me. Can I learn this with a master online?

@fungirlmmm: Of course submissiveness can be trained.<br />
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I've completed Submission Training and I found it enlightening. Learning how to submit to another person's dominance by your own choice and how to serve them or even humiliate yourself for their pleasure & amusement & arousal is a skill which has empowered me in many ways, not the least of which is improving my self-discipline & refining my will power. It also gave me a new perspective on life & love & service.<br />
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I learned even more about self control when I took Advanced Submission Training and I'm continuing to practice & learn more about what I can make myself do (or not do) and how much mental & physical discipline I can achieve when it's me making me endure punishment or humiliation instead of anyone trying to force me. I can be very proud & stubborn & willful and these were difficult & important lessons for me.

As I appreciate the many conversations you have had with me and continue to have with me sir. You helped me figure out exactly what I was looking for and I found it.

You always impress me with your words EB. You are right that submissiveness isn't really something that is demanded or really trained. It is a true nature of a submissive and it is a gift she gives to her man out of love and deepest respect. Whether you are wearing that collar figuratively or literally it is something that is in your mind at all times and when it comes to decisions you think about Him and what you know would please Him even when you aren't physically with him. being a sub extends well beyond the confines of any bedroom.