Only Trains Throughout My Trip.

Ever since I came here to Australia for 3 months trip, I took mostly trains between cities. I don't mentioned how comfortable and fairly affordable (and sometimes expensive) to take a ticket train ride from point A to point B compared to take a plane to cities. But surprisingly, since its ''summer'' here, they are completely booked and I had to book a week prior to my trip. My general expectations were I thought it wouldn't be as much people taking trains but since its the holidays maybe people took it as an alternative from taking a plane, since it's expensive. But overall being in the train is a bliss.

When I'm on the train, especially long distances ones and daylight (with good weather), I just can relax, enjoy my time think about things looking onto the window and just look things passing by with the sun shining on my face. During ride from Melbourne to Canberra I was making thinking about my past and planning my future, since it was ''the new year'', it was a perfect time to actually think about those things. Getting food from the ''train attendants''. Sitting alone without actually being care by people, listening to good relaxing music and just let time take its course. I should do this more often during my trips.

Now i'm in Sydney, tomorrow i'll be taking my 7:15 am train to Brisbane (mostly going to be a full day ride) and I can't wait. :)
regieJR regieJR
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013