To Be Honest Airfares Should Be Lower Prices

 Airfares should be $3.00 on Every Airline this is sad I am saying is that Airfares are sky high.  Airfares should be $3.00.

Do you agree? Airlines would be busy 24/7 if that happen.  Airfares should be $3.00. $3.00 on every Airline. : )

Jayson Jayson
26-30, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

lol at TP87<br />
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but 3.00 is very really cheap maybe 100.00 buck would be better... lots cld do tht

.l-l. Train train take us away take us away faraway to the future we will go .l-l. (um that's supposed to be a musical note by the lol)