Trance And Music

Now i dont know if im supposed to right everty single experience iv had in my life about trance, but trance is definetly a genre which has its melodic builds and lows. I started of listening to the usually tiesto, armin, paul vaan dyk n the usual hit makes. I gradually got to like the use of  the sythesized melodies. Anyway i then started to get into more electronic music like dubstep, drum and bass(which whith the likes of Pendulum will deninetly take it far), house(Definetly as of today Swedish House Mafia is definetly uping the game of quailty house music)South African house(the african loops, drum work and theme, i love! Dj Mujava, Aero Manyelo, definetly big tings agwaan!), goa trance( The goa mix by paul oakenfold{1994-essential mix} was definetly a leap in creativity from the usual goa trance mixes,  props on that!), techno( which is not a bad genre, blame it onscooter!!hah the guys are just awsome!)dance( very nice music), ambient etc the llist is lonng:p so generally i listen to all types of EDM, or just electronica(Daft Punk!!) lately ive been listening to Trancferer(1981) by Klause Schulz said to be the first syylistic origins of trance, very chilled out album, and very hard to get! its has a very melow and chilled out feel. Theres a second album i got for Klause Schulz and Lisa Gerrard, with i thought was just the most chilled out  in the sense of vocal,had a real meditating feel to it. which to put it simply, was fantastic. All in all i listen to all type of music from raggea, dancehall, rock, pop,  to jazz(not so much but i can still enjoy the musical fusion). Generally  in the words of Plato quotes “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” ONE
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No cant say that iv heard i, but ill look for it.

Plato knew what the hell he was talking about, it's true.. music & rythem do find their way into secret places of the soul. I really wish more people felt that way about trance. My husband on the other hand calls it "Hamster dance music"...He just can't like it no matter how hard he tries, and thats ok grant it isn't for everyone. However, we have a running joke beetween us about " The Hamster Dance Song" maybe you've heard it......invision the chipmunks, sped up times ten...." Do Do Dee Do DeeDo Dee Do, Dee Do Dee Do Deeeee......."

I know that song! It's hilarious :D