My First And Only Exp

it was happened when i was about 24, i met the tranny (italian like me) in a chat, then we met, at first impression i really liked she looks very "female" (she told me that she work as a pro ***** dancer). We were in her car, she drive, i was soon hot and she told me if i liked her nice big ****, i said yes and i touched! then she said to unzip my jeans and jerk me off, i did it and she liked to see and say i had a nice di**. She then stopped car and also take co** out and i was very horny as she had very big one and large! then i blow her a lot and well mhh :-P
Didn't had time for doing other, but sure if continued i wanted being my as* f*cked by her hard and then feel her c*m on my face and swallow too!
So this is why i love trannies, had this fantastic exp... unfortunately i didnt had other changes doing with trannies...
simbian simbian
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Okay a nice adventure... exciting!!