Trans Attraction For Men

Ok, I'm not gay, or even bi, I've never been attracted to another man before.  However, Trannies are different.  If you look at TS as just a guy, well then you are only seeing the one point of view and theres not much I can share with you.  However, if you have seen a TS in action or in video and wondered, maybe curious etc., then read on about my theory for many on this subject.  

Many men like a woman that is dominate.  Any submissive man that has truly been with a sexually dominate woman knows they will do ANYTHING for their master.  Often times this includes getting ****** by a strap-on *****.  Even if your partner is not dominate, pegging can be very rewarding for both partners.  Anyway, I've already got some conversation on EP about pegging :) so back to the topic.  Trannie attraction is not the basic homosexual desire, many times it is the enjoyment of having your prostate massaged, loving breasts, and the eroticness of doing something taboo.  

If you haven't been looking around the web lately, there are some TS that are so sexy, convincing and desirable.  When a guy is looking at some "chic's" *** for sometime while she's giving a guy head etc, there is some eroticism going on there, only to later find out the "chic" is a TS, great ***, can suck the chrome off a harley, and unbeknownst to you, she has a ****!  Only thing to get embarassed about is if she's packing more than you and starts insulting you about it!  Not too often the case.  Thats just one scenario.  Tranny surprise, albeit staged, is quite possible as well. 

Anyway, there are plenty of men that enjoy being pegged.  Some of it is the role reversal, some is the submissive nature, some is purly the prostate massage/milking etc.  Well, think of it like this, instead of a women with real breasts and a fake ****, how about a Trannie with fake breasts and a real ****! 

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

My wife says, just once, she would like to meet a transexual. Yet, neither of us have attempted to make contact with one. I told her if she meets one, it's okay with me.

Indeed one of my fantasies also. I intend to make it happen.

One of my ultimate fantasies...

Look i am bisexual, so i like sex with both men and women, and with trannies you have the best of both worlds. You have breasts and femine touch, but then you also have the *** stick to snack on too.