I Love Transformers

I'm actually watching the first one right now. Lol it's my favorite one. Badass. The second one was great. Funny. Sexy. Loved it so so so so much. I love the soundtracks on all of the movies. Great choice of music. :) The third one was a bit of a disappointment though. For one, I didn't like how they got rid of Mikaela. I mean fine if Megan Fox wasn't going to be in it, just get someone else to fill in. I have to admit, I don't think anyone would have done it as well as she did.. Megan Fox was pretty awesome in those movies..but still. It was stupid to give Sam a new girlfriend. It just ruins the entire story of Sam and Mikaela in the first two movies. It's like their story diesn't even count anymore in the first two movies. But whatever what's done is done. Also..WHY THE HELL DID IRONHIDE HAVE TO DIE?!?! That was a major disappointment for me. He was one of my favorites!! Lol when I thought Bumblebee was going to die, I was getting ready to walk out. Lol. I kid you not. But still, the third movie didn't really damage my love for Transformers. Lol.
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Couldn't agree more, the third one also had loads of filming mistakes. Ironhide (May he rest in peace) should not have died, I wasn't too fussed about the new girlfriend for Sam but they could have explained why someone would want to walk away from a guy who has transformers. What was most disappointing was the fight between Optimus and Megatron, it should have been at least 15 mins long and they should fight, not Optimus put an axe in Megatron then rips out his spine. Megatron would have at least tried to fight back. So yeah overall the third one irritates me very much for the same reasons as you.

I know.. I nearly cried when he died. huh.. I don't even remember that fight. I've only watched it once and then a few clips.. That's how much I hated it. Lol. The first two I've watched hundreds of times, but this one was too much of a disappointment. Lol.

I'd say the only good thing in the third on had to be the visuals and the sounds. The story line was terrible. I went to go see it at the cinema when it came out, and lost £20 on the bus on the way, so I was already in a bad mood. Worst day ever, which is crap coz I love transformers. Oh and they had initially planned to keep Megan Fox in but she apparently kicked off at the producers and directors so they had to change the character

Haha, u & me both! & had 3 other ppl to drive home. Its always nice finding ppl who share ur interest