Since I Cannot Read His Mind

 It's not easy to scream at the top of your lungs when you really really want to if you know that an avalanche might bury you alive. But sometimes the scream is worth being buried in the snow for eternity.

 The freezing cold reaches the very core of my being but I'm still alive.

 I have not seen him since that the day I lay with my face in the dust and hands in the mud, but the mud on my hands have dried and peeled away and tha dust has been washed off by the gentle rain. But it is inevitable that I'm still standing on the parched earth while he's flying away further and further every minute.

I finally kept up with him long enough to ask him the burning question that still lingers in my mind. What happened?

He was silent and said that I wouldn't understand. What was it that I was unable to comprehend that I felt from the tone of his eyes that he felt was so obvious that words need not spell it? He looked to the ground as if searching for some answer in the dry cracks in the pavement.

"When did you ever care for me?"

 It was unbearably cold.I wanted, I needed to shout, wanting an avalanche to bury me alive. When the torrent of words and emotions came, he was gone and my wings had melted once again.

 When did I not care? When he lay depressed and suicidal after another of his true loves had left him, when he entered another disasterous relationship, the deth of a loved one, his parents rejecting him when he at last came out to them in confidence, each time he hurt, seeing the pain in his eyes made my heart ache. I always knew it had been the same way for him until now.

People might say, move on and forget. If a part of your body was missing, the empty space would be a constant reminder of that which had been with you ever since you could remember.

If only I could know....

 Today I finally caught up with him long enough

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This was absolutely beautiful